Why Street Race?

Does it make you feel good?  Does it give you power? Does it really matter whose car is faster?

Street racing seems to be on the increase.  The fiery crash on Interstate 5 and the recent crash on Ventura Boulevard are two recent examples of illegal street racing that have become commonplace.

la-me-freeway-crash-20160227-pictures-003           woodland hills crash

The California Highway Patrol in collaboration with the Los Angeles Police and L.A. County Sheriff’s Departments have stepped up efforts to keep street racers off the streets and to protect innocent bystanders on public streets and highways.  In Santa Ana, a special enforcement team went undercover to curtail street racing.

Street racers like meeting in grocery store parking lots to socialize before driving to another area, like an industrial park, where they hit the “go”.  After a few doughnuts they take off driving recklessly at high rates of speed, all in the name of contest.

Is street racing worth endangering yourself and others?  Is it worth a misdemeanor count for illegal racing?  Or, felony charges for murder or reckless driving?

If you see or suspect any illegal street racing, you should report it immediately to your local police department or call 911.  Helping to keep our streets and highways safe is important for all of us.


Have a safe holiday weekend.

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