The City of Thousand Oaks has been experiencing an increasing amount of vehicle burglaries. Most of these vehicle burglaries are known as “car hopping,” where a thief robs unlocked vehicles. According to the Thousand Oaks Police Department, there were 69 reported vehicle burglaries in July [A]. During the summer, there is an increase in vehicle burglaries that can be attributed to school breaks because students have increased “free time”.

vehicle burglaries in Thousand Oaks

A recent vehicle burglary attempt occurred on July 30th on the 1500 block of El Cerrito Drive in Thousand Oaks. The resident of the house confronted a young man (age 18-25) searching through his vehicle. After a brief confrontation, the thief managed to escape. Luckily, the resident was not injured and was able to take a photo of the thief.

vehicle burglaries in Thousand Oaks

Photo of Vehicle Burglar Taken by Resident.

Senior Deputy Edward Beauvais from the Thousand Oaks Police Department stated, “If you’re going to be away from your vehicles for any length of time, please remove your valuables from view. Locking your doors is not good enough, because someone is breaking windows to gain entry when they see your items (purses, briefcases, packages) left in the open” [B]. Residents of the Thousand Oaks area are being advised to not leave valuables in their vehicles and to also lock their vehicles.

Although Thousand Oaks is a relatively safe community, residents should always take extra precautions to avoid falling victim to these vehicle burglaries. It is important to report any suspicious activity to the Thousand Oaks Police Department: (805) 494-8200.

vehicle burglaries in Thousand Oaks

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