Urgent Vehicle Recalls Spring 2017

This post is in response to multiple urgent vehicle recalls announced in the past few weeks. If you own a Ford, Lincoln, Honda, or Acura, please read below for more information about these dangerous recalls. One of these recalls is in light of a recent update in the Takata airbag recall.

Engine Fire Hazard in Ford Vehicles

Coolant doesn’t properly circulate in some of Ford’s SUVs, sedans, and vans, resulting in potential under-the-hood fires. Ford received 29 reports of vehicle fires in the U.S. and Canada. Luckily, no injuries have been reported.

Models Involved in the Recall

The affected vehicles are equipped with 1.6-liter GTDI engines:ford escape urgent vehicle r

2014 Escape

2014-15 Fiesta ST

2013-14 Fusion

2013-15 Transit Connect


A representative from Ford said that the company will mail customers instructions from the owner’s manual on how to check and refill coolant. Dealers will also check coolant levels for owners. If vehicles leak coolant or overheat, they should be taken to a dealer immediately. When service kits become available, dealers will also install a coolant level sensor at no charge to the customer.

Faulty Door Latches

Ford is also expanding their existing safety recall to replace door latches to include 211,000 more vehicles. The pawl spring tab in the side of the door latch could break, which could cause the door to not shut properly. Ford said that it is not aware of any injuries associated with this recall yet.
2013 Ford Fusion urgent vehicle recalls2014-Lincoln-MKZ-urgent vehicle recall

Models Involved in the Recall

Ford: 2014 Fiesta, 2013-14 Fusion

Lincoln: 2013-14 MKZ


Dealers will replace all four side-door latches with a more robust service-door latch at no cost to the customer.

Roll Away Risk

Ford is also recalling 53,000 2017 F-250 trucks because of a manufacturing error that can cause them to roll away when they are in park. Affected vehicles have a manufacturing defect that may eventually fracture the transmission and/or driveline components. This may result in a loss of motive power without warning while driving or unintended vehicle moment while in park.

ford f450 urgent vehicle recall

Models Involved in the Recall

2017 Ford F-450/F-550


Ford urges owners of this vehicle to use their parking brake in addition to putting the vehicle in park. Owners can bring the vehicle to their dealer to replace the two-piece driveshaft and two center bearing brackets at no charge.

Urgent Takata Airbag Update

Please note that the entire Takata airbag recall is considered urgent, and if your vehicle is involved in it, you should be taking every action possible to get the arc inflator in your car replaced. Click here for more information about that recall.

Last week, it was announced that the airbag inflators in certain 2001-03 Honda and Acura models pose the most urgent threat. The Takata airbag inflators installed in these cars have as high as a 50% chance of the dangerous inflator rupture in the event of a crash.

The Los Angeles Times reported last week that this issue is particularly dangerous in Southern California, as high temperatures make the inflators more likely to explode. They also want to remind drivers that “defective airbag” does not just mean that the airbag will fail to inflate, it means that the inflator will explode on impact “like a grenade.”

Models Involved in this Recall urgent vehicle recalls takata

2001 and 2002 Honda Civic

2001 and 2002 Honda Accord

2002 and 2003 Acura TL

2002 Honda Odyssey

2002 Honda CR-V

2003 Acura CL

2003 Honda Pilot


If you own one of these vehicles, you should call Honda immediately to schedule your free repair. You can reach Honda at (888) 234-2138. The U.S. Department of Transportation is urging owners to do this quickly, as these vehicles are unsafe and need to be repaired immediately. Southern California leads the nation in fatalities caused by defective airbags.


Many of these automakers are not doing enough to contact vehicle owners and inform them of these urgent vehicle recalls, which is why I consider these posts so important.

Please pass this information onto your family and friends and drive safely.

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