Two Separate Safety Recalls From Toyota, Plus Other Vehicle Safety Recalls

Issued just yesterday, Toyota announced that it is conducting separate safety recalls for approximately 11,800 Model Year 2018 Toyota Camry vehicles and approximately 9,900 Model Year 2015 – 2018 Lexus RC F, Model Year 2016 -2018 Lexus GS F and Model Year 2018 Lexus LC 500 vehicles.

The Camry recall involves a possibility that fuel pipes and fuel hoses in the engine compartment were not properly connected. This could result in a fuel odor or fuel leak, which, in the presence of an ignition source, could increase the risk of a fire.

For all recall-affected vehicles, Toyota dealers will inspect the fuel pipes and hoses and if necessary, properly connect them at no charge to the customer. Toyota states that all known owners will receive a notification via first-class mail by late March.

The Lexus series recalls concern two high-pressure fuel pumps. There is a possibility that the cover for one of these pumps could become damaged over time and result in a fuel leak. The fuel leak could increase the risk of a fire.

Lexus dealers will replace both high-pressure fuel pumps with improved ones at no cost to customers. All known owners will receive notification via first-class mail in early April.

Toyota Airbags

As if there wasn’t enough concern about airbags already, Toyota recently issued a safety recall at the end of January affecting 49,000 more vehicles in the U.S. and a total of 645,000 worldwide. These models are from the years 2015-2016 and include the Prius hatchback, and certain models of the Lexus NX and RX crossovers.

Toyota issued a press release on January 31st, 2018 explaining the problem with the electrical system that could prevent airbags from inflating in a crash. An open circuit can be created over time, according to Toyota. This means an airbag light might turn on accidentally, and the side or front airbags may not actually deploy during a crash.

As of this writing, there are no known crashes or injuries related to this recall. Toyota and Lexus dealerships will be reviewing serial numbers of the airbag sensors and replacing new ones as necessary, at no cost to the customer. Affected customers should be receiving recall notices beginning in late March.

Also as of this writing, there has been no link to the prevalent Takata airbag recall, which has hit automakers hard across many brands, including Toyota.

Other Vehicle Safety Recalls in the News

2017 Jeep Wranger, Dodge Caravan recalled for faulty brake light switch

About 39,400 model year 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan minivans and Jeep Wrangler SUVs are being recalled due to a faulty brake switch. This malfunction could allow vehicles to shift out of park, even if the brake pedal is not engaged. Additionally, brake lights can remain illuminated while the ignition key is in run mode, which could increase the risk of a crash.

Owners will be notified by mail beginning March 30th, but can reach automakers at 800-853-1403 or visit to check their VIN numbers and get more information.

2017 Chrysler Pacifica

About 154,000 model-year 2017 Chrysler Pacifica minivans are under recall due to an unusual problem. Under a rare set of conditions, the engine control module may incorrectly assess the engine’s operating status, potentially causing an engine stall and increasing the risk of a crash.

Most incidents have occurred when the vehicle was idling, while starting, turning, or driving at low, steady speeds. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) reported that most were singular events occurring over thousands of miles of travel and customers were able to restart their vehicle immediately afterward. There has been one potentially-related accident due to this issue, but related injuries are unknown at this time.

Dealers will update the engine control software for free, but as of yet, FCA has not announced when owners will be officially notified. Consumers can reach them at 800-853-1403 for more information.

2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

About 470 model-year 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell electric vehicles are under recall due to electronic control unit software issues.

The unit & software responsible for monitoring voltage in the fuel-cell stack may misinterpret minor voltage variances and mistakenly shut down the fuel stack in response, possibly resulting in an unexpected loss of motive power and increasing the risk of a crash.

At this time, no known crashes or injuries have been reported. Honda says if the vehicle is experiencing an issue, a warning message will appear below the speedometer, “Power System Problem. Stop Driving When Safe.” Owners should heed the warning if that appears, and safely get off the roadway.

Honda will begin sending notifications in late February. In the meantime, owners can reach the automaker at 888-234-2138, or visit to get more information and/or check their VIN.

Various Mitsubishi Vehicles

2008-2010 Mitsubishi Lancer sedans
2009-2010 Lancer Evolution sedans
2010 Lancer Sportback hatchbacks
2007-2010 Outlander SUVs

About 56,000 vehicles of the above-listed models have been recalled due to faulty sunroofs. The sunroof glass may crack and detach from the sunroof assembly while driving, increasing the risk of a crash.

Dealers will inspect and replace sunroof glass assembly as necessary, free of charge. Mitsubishi will be notifying owners beginning late March, but automakers can be reached at 888-648-7820. Consumers can also visit to learn more and also check their VIN.

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