Thousand Oaks to get Flashing Yellow Arrow Traffic Signals

flashing signal

Starting in the Spring and Summer of 2016, the City of Thousand Oaks will be installing flashing yellow arrow signals at five intersection locations, a move that the City is hopeful will ease traffic delays.

The city will spend $80,000 on the new signals which are to be installed at the following locations:

  • Thousand Oaks Boulevard at Dallas Drive (Westbound)
  • Moorpark Road at Thousand Oaks High School Driveway (Northbound)
  • Hillcrest Drive at Marin Street (Eastbound/Westbound)
  • Thousand Oaks Boulevard at Rancho Road (Northbound/Southbound)
  • Thousand Oaks Boulevard at Duesenberg Drive (Eastbound/Westbound)

According to city officials, the yellow flashing arrow signal will indicate to a driver when oncoming traffic is clear and it is safe to turn left.

Local motorists have complained about the long wait times for drivers turning left. At some intersections in the city, drivers can wait as long as two minutes for a green arrow.  Intersections with left turn arrows are generally safer resulting in lower collision rates.

What do you think? Will the flashing yellow arrow ease traffic delays or cause more collisions in Thousand Oaks?

Howard’s take:  This will be a BIG MISTAKE.  This new signal configuration will cause more accidents when vehicles are turning left.  These signal lights are confusing to the average motorist and require too much mental and visual processing in too short a time period.  These signals may also cause the City greater potential liability to lawsuits as motorists are involved in left turn accidents, claim that they followed the signage, and still where involved in a collision with an oncoming vehicle.  Simply put, this is a bad idea.

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