35 Years of Satisfied Clients

A Reputation for Personal Service & Proven Results

Consistently voted a Ventura County Star’s Readers Choice Award winner, we have brought thousands of serious personal injury cases to justice since 1980 with a significant success rate in those cases. Here’s what a few of our clients and other reputable attorneys have to say about our services:

“Attorney Howard Blau is an example of what an attorney should be. His caring attitude, professional capability and sincerity exemplify desirable traits so seldom seen in the legal field. His genuine concern for the client coupled with his knowledge of the law add up to the best possible result for the situation. He understands and explains the important aspects of the case in a manner both professional and personable; you feel both at ease and well represented. I recommend him without hesitation for any legal problems and will continue to consult him for any future needs.”
Sam and Bert W.
“Howard Blau has handled all of my family’s legal needs for over 25 years. He is a great listener, very versed in the law and spends as much time on our needs as we require. Anytime one of our friends requires legal advice, we recommend him highly, primarily because he WINS!”
Jim O.
“GREAT ATTORNEY AND HUMAN BEING. Howard is a very talented attorney who helped me after a car accident. He was caring and sensitive to my needs and was always available to discuss any questions I might have. He achieved what he had set out to achieve for me and he did it with a distinct and profound knowledge of his profession. I would definitely recommend his services.”
Marco D
“ATTENTION TO DETAIL BEST DESCRIBES HOWARD BLAU. Howard Blau has been my lawyer for over 22 years now. He has been there for me for the little stuff like when my car got hit. I thought my world was coming to an end. Not only did he get it resolved in a very short timeframe but he calmed me down as well. IF he were a Doctor, that would be known as excellent bedside manners. Howard is very patient with his clients. Last October I was hit by a car while on my bicycle. This was a very scary time for me. Howard was there the whole time making sure not only was my case being resolved but making sure I was okay on a daily basis. In my opinion Howard is not only the best lawyer but a kind person as well!”
“Best attorney around! I would not recommend anyone else to family or friends. He is honest, patient and understanding. He knows the law and helps you to understand while recovering your losses at the highest value.”
Amy Y.
Consummate Professional: Mr. Blau is not only well qualified in many areas of the Law – he is a dedicated professional and works tirelessly on your behalf. His work ethic and integrity are commendable.”
Lesli D.

“Excellent Service All Around. Howard and his professional staff make you feel comfortable and well taken care of from the first phone call to the office. Howard has advised me on situations above and beyond his experience in motorcycle and personal injury. His extensive knowledge of the law and attention to detail is what makes me feel so comfortable speaking with Howard. I have and will continue to recommend him to friends and family if they are ever in need of an attorney or legal advice.”

Mollie M.
“In law it is truly rare to find a man that has integrity, compassion and honesty. His knowledge of law and willingness to investigate, research and follow through is rare among attorneys that I have worked with in the past. After your initial meeting, you will immediately find Howard to be attentive, patient and will professionally guide you properly and carefully through the legal system.”
Larry B.
“I was hit by a car and needed representation. Howard was referred by a trusted attorney friend, and I am so glad he was. Not only is he a truly lovely man and fun to talk to, but also he got the highest possible settlement from the opposing insurance company and painlessly guided me through all the mind-numbing paperwork. Where needed, he explained the process in words of one syllable or less, so I understood what was going on and felt in control. I would recommend Howard to anyone needing representation in his field.”
Susan C.
“Extremely helpful and informative with lawsuit processing. I had never dealt with an attorney before and Howard made the entire process simple. He made sure that everything went through me before presenting it and always made sure I was comfortable with the way things were going.”
Viktoria T.
“After a motorcycle accident I didn’t know where to turn for legal help. A friend introduced me to Howard and I was pleasantly surprised at how personable and professional Howard was. The defense dragged it out much longer than it should have but Howard persevered and we got through it. I highly recommend Howard Blau for any personal injury cases, especially motorcycle cases since Howard rides also and knows what we go through.”
John P.
“Howard and his wife are truly as Good as it Gets! His calm expertise and patience made all the difference in an otherwise awful legal case. His personal care and professionalism helped navigate us through some unfortunate realities of the legal system. I am so thankful to have had such an honest and integrous attorney representing us. I whole heartedly recommend Howard Blau and his office!”
Sam C.
“Boy did I get lucky! I’ve never been involved in any kind of legal matter. So, when I had a personal injury accident, I had no idea what to look for or who to trust for my representation. Thankfully, a friend referred Mr. Blau to me and I am so grateful. He and his staff were always prompt to return my calls, answer any questions I had, and, provide timely updates on my case. Howard was thorough, diligent, and forthright. He went out of his way to ensure I understood the entire process, alleviated any concerns I had, and looked out for what was in my best interest. I always felt I was in the hands of a competent, trustworthy attorney (from what I’ve heard, they’re pretty hard to come by). Howard is a true professional and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone in need of an injury/accident attorney.”
“Howard is an amazing lawyer. He walked me through every step of the way. I called him when I didn’t know who to call. Honestly, I don’t think I could have asked for a better lawyer. He was there for me every time I called, and on the bad days when I didn’t think I was going to make it through, he was always someone I could rely on. I would recommend him to any one of my friends and family. And I have, actually. He treated them just as well as he treated him.”
“From start to finish Howard and his staff were exceptionally professional and kind. In a law suit that took much longer than originally anticipated, Howard constantly met each hurdle with composure and insight. His expertise, common sense, and integrity allowed my husband and I to trust Howard through out the entire process. We highly recommend him to anyone in need of the highest quality attorney.”
“I believe in you and your skills as an attorney. You and your team where there for me when I really needed someone to help. Thank you”
Karyn D.
“When I was seriously injured in an out-of state accident, I was overwhelmed by the aggression of some of the responsible parties and frustrated by the inaction of others, as well as confused by my options. Howard Blau patiently explained my legal situation to me and counseled me on my possible next steps. He was very direct and honest in telling me that he would be happy to represent me but that, in this case, I would be best served by attorneys operating in the state where the accident occurred. I remain impressed both by his expertise, his helpfulness and his putting my best interests above fees to be derived from a large settlement. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal services.”
Jeanette J.
“Howard Blau is a real person…not one of the TV lawyers. TV lawyers make you think you’re the guilty party when in reality you’re the victim. I told Howard that I didn’t want to sue anybody… he told me you can file a claim and go from there. I had been bitten by a dog and was in considerable pain… he advised me every step along the healing process. I would recommend Howard Blau to anyone who has a legal problem.. not only is he awesome but his staff is as well. It’s been a year and we settled with the insurance company, and I feel thankful that Howard presented me so well.”
Barbara D.
“I was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident with a semi-truck. The insurance company said it was my fault. My first attorney did not help. I hired Howard Blau. Howard immediately took charge. He filed a lawsuit, handled everything, kept me informed and got me a very large settlement. I strongly recommend Howard Blau to anyone that has been seriously injured in any type of accident.”
Shannon H.
“A few years ago, my young daughter suffered a face injury at a sports tournament in the LA area. Howard helped us right from the beginning, he found us a great plastic surgeon, and followed through with all the paperwork involved with the law suit. He always took the time to explain everything that was going on and why. We ended up not having to go to court and in the end, my daughter received a substantial settlement. Since she was a minor, the money went into a trust account until she turned 18, at which time Howard went back to court with us, at no charge, to claim the money for my daughter. It came in very handy for her college costs. Howard has always been there for us and is always available for any question that comes up. He made a very difficult situation much easier, and helped us through very trying times. Thank you.”
Rona B.
“Thank you so much for handling my case. It’s been a pleasure working with you and I’m so grateful for the settlement that you got for me. I have a home and a car now. I feel like I have my “life” back. Thank you so much.”
Julia E.
“As a recent client of the Law Offices of Howard Blau, I found the organization to be extremely efficient and professional. Having been involved in an automobile accident, Mr. Blau’s actions to resolve all issues were performed in an expeditious and timely manner. His aggressive representation resulted in a favorable settlement and I am completely satisfied with his personal handling of my case. I recommend Mr. Blau for matters of litigation involving automobiles, motorcycles, mopeds and scooters.”
Chuck K.
“In my dealings with attorney Howard Blau, I found him to be sincere, understanding and professional. Mr. Blau was very attentive and thorough in handling my slip and fall injury case. Through his investigation and aggressive representation he was able to find the propert owner at fault in causing my accident and subsequent injuries. The case resulted in a favorable settlement beyond my expectations. Should I have the need to retain Mr. Blau’s legal service in the future, I would do so without hesitation. I highly recommend his law firm to anyone needing professional legal representation with a very personable attorney.”
Betty M.
“The Law Offices of Howard Blau is unique in its ability to assist its clients through the stressful, complex, and necessary legal proceedings required to obtain favorable outcomes in their cases. Mr. Blau has lengthy experience in handling automotive, motorcycle, and other types of liability litigation, including medical malpractice. He uses high tech consultants to analyze the details of each case with the powerful effect of achieving favorable settlements for his clients. He is hands on, highly intelligent, and supportive. His office is well staffed and organized. I have personally benefited from Mr. Blau’s skills in a personal injury case resulting in hearing loss from a malfunction of gym equipment. His minute analysis of the details of the injury, use of expert witnesses, and professional skills, resulted in a significantly favorable settlement in my case. I recommend Mr. Blau and his team without reservation.”
Vince F.
“I have known Howard Blau for more than 35 years, during which time, he has handled two cases for me. Howard is honest, knowledgeable, caring and concerned. When you have the need for an attorney, you need to be able to count on them to work in your behalf, and trust them to do the right thing. Howard always kept me aware of where my case stood, was always available to give me information, and kept the stress away from me. I cannot say enough about Howard Blau’s character, determination to always do the right thing, honesty and compassion. I have recommended Howard Blau to both family and friends over these many years, and he has treated them with kindness, and a professionalism rarely seen today.”
Shelli C.
“My husband was the victim of a vicious dog attack in 2007. We work in the legal industry and since our clients are attorneys we had a large pool of lawyers to pick from. Mr. Blau was our choice. We were looking for the best and there was no contest. He is an experienced attorney who is well respected by his peers. That speaks volumes. He is incredibly focused, organized, meticulous, and has the patience of a saint. Above all he sees the big picture. He will remain our attorney as long as he will be in practice. For many, many years we hope!”
Kevin and Christine R.
“Howard is experienced, knowledgeable, sincere and professional. He is an aggressive lawyer. Howard’s commitment to his clients is extremely impressive. He is an incredible advocate with proven settlement results.”
Shelley Y.
“When I discussed my problem with Mr. Blau, and why I needed his services, I immediately saw a person who was knowledgeable, caring and very professional. If I ever need an attorney again and I hope never, Mr. Blau would be the first person I’d call. Thank you Howard for all your help.”
Ken C.
“Howard was such a great help in guiding me through the details of my insurance policies. He is the best!”
Joanne M., Agoura Hills
“Going up against a major corporation with a medical malpractice case I was prepared for it to be a lot like going to the dentist for a root canal every week for a couple years, fortunately for myself Howard and his staff’s knowledge, years of experience, professionalism, and honesty made it more like going to see a long time friend I knew I could trust. Also the whole process took less than 11 months. Thank you again Howard & Staff, hope all is well.”
Jim H., Simi Valley
“Highly professional. Howard strives himself on personal service for every client and his attention to detail is above the rest. He will work tirelessly to achieve a high settlement for every client. No matter the case and no matter the client, Howard will work for you and be your best advocate. As an employee of Howard Blau Law, I can honestly tell you that he cares about each and every client. That’s why he will work so hard for you. He is not only your lawyer, but your friend. He knows the law and fights for you to get the justice you deserve. I would highly recommend Howard, not only for my legal needs, but for my family and friends as well.”
Megan H., Thousand Oaks
“In law it is truly rare to find a man that has integrity, compassion and honesty. His knowledge of law and willingness to investigate, research and follow through is rare among attorneys that I have worked with in the past. After your initial meeting, you will immediately find Howard to be attentive, patient and will professionally guide you properly and carefully through the legal system.”
Larry B., Agoura Hills
“Howard is a motorcycle rider, and being a rider Howard knows exactly what we go through every day on the road. I met Howard through a referral from a mutual friend. Howard was on it from day one after I contacted him about a motorcycle accident I was involved in. Howard was very diligent and he kept me informed about all the proceedings and what to expect. I never felt like I was just another number to Howard, he really cared about me. I am glad to have met Howard, although I wish it was through other circumstances, and I would highly recommend him to anybody seeking representation.”
John , Ventura County
“I had a slip and fall injury inside a business and the owners and their insurance company fought very hard to deny my claim. The insurance adjuster lied about the facts and the owners tried to blame me for my injuries.
Howard’s persistence in uncovering the true facts was remarkable. He was extremely patient in preparing me to testify and made sure that I wouldn’t get tripped up by their lawyers aggressive tactics.
Howard’s compassion for me as a person and his devotion to making sure I was fairly compensated for my injuries was outstanding.
I highly recommend Howard if you ever need someone to be in your corner fighting for your rights and protecting your interests.
Thank-you so much Howard.”
Sarah, Ventura County
“I was involved in a hit and run earlier in 2016 and was skeptical about getting an attorney because I didn’t want to deal with all the drama. Once I found out I was going to be losing money I came here and chose Howard based on his ratings. I’m happy I chose him, from the moment I met him I knew he was going to do his best to take care of me and he did. He kept me updated with every step of the settlement up until the settlement was over and still offers to help me if I need anything. You won’t regret hiring him, he’s awesome. Friendly staff.”
Sergio, Ventura County
“Howard has played many roles for me throughout my recovery process. A man who I initially thought I was hiring to just be my lawyer, has become a lifelong friend and mentor. Howard has helped me get through one of the most difficult points of my life. From learning how to walk again, to learning how to reintegrate with society after I was medically discharged from the military, Howard was there every step of the way. Providing me with not only phenomenal legal counsel, but a lifetime full of wisdom. In the military I was taught to pay attention to the small details. It takes every little puzzle piece to complete the bigger picture. Howard is all about the small details. He called to check up on me more than my family did. Howard went above and beyond what I expected out of our partnership. Howard and his amazing staff tirelessly pursued my compensation. Even when I grew tired of what felt like a never-ending chase, Howard provided the motivation to carry on. Howard is a seasoned lawyer. Howard is a wise mentor. Howard is a lifelong friend. Howard is precisely the man you should hire for your case. I couldn’t have done it without him, and you sure as hell cant either.”
Brock R., Ventura County
“Howard Blau is a good man and a man of his word if he says he is going to do something he does it.Howard gets things done he has your back is very smart when it comes to your case has lots of good ideas and is very prompted and well manner.I have hired Howard 3 times with winning results even when it did not look good for me on one. Highly recommend Howard Blau to anyone he is best. He is a true professional.”
Shannon H., Ventura County
“Dear Howard,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done for driving my mother’s case to closure. You have been a pleasure to work with during a very difficult time. I am grateful for your professionalism and kindness. I wish you and yours the very best! Thank you.


Homan K., Ventura County

Peer Endorsements

“If any of my clients, friends or family members need a personal injury attorney, I recommend Howard Blau and only Howard Blau.”
Brian Michel, Los Angeles, CA
I have referred many clients to Mr. Blau’s firm for Personal Injury claims, both those involving motorcycles as well as other vehicles. Every client I have referred, has later told me how impressed they were with Howard’s knowledge of the law and ability to place a value on their case. As a fellow attorney, I would not refer someone to an attorney I didn’t have confidence in. Howard is aggressive and fights for his client’s rights.
David Kestenbaum, Van Nuys, CA
“I endorse this lawyer’s work.”
Samuel Wells, Los Angeles, CA
“I endorse this lawyer’s work. I was adverse to him on an extremely complex wrongful death/catastrophic personal injury matter. He is extremely competent, skillful, thorough and honest. I do not hesitate to recommend him.”
Michael King, Los Angeles, CA
“I heartily recommend Howard. His knowledge, judgment and integrity will serve you well.”
Gary Michel, Beverly Hills, CA
“I have known Howard for several years and would refer my family and friends to him for representation. He is well respected, professional and easy to talk to. He takes his work seriously and is passionate about it.”
Corey Glass, Los Angeles, CA
“From personal experience, I know Howard to be an extremely conscientious and meticulously prepared lawyer. I have worked with him on several cases and sought his advice on others. He has a wealth of experience which he uses to acquire the maximum trial or settlement proceeds for his injured clients.”
Donald N. Hubbard, Monterey, CA
“I was employed by Howard’s firm for a period of five years. During that time, I found Howard to be a person of endless integrity, who worked tirelessly for his clients with an intelligently aggressive approach on all files. Howard’s uncompromising quest for a thorough investigation, a well planned and thought out strategy along with adequate preparation allows his firm to consistently obtain the highest settlements for his clients. Howard’s kind, compassionate and respectful treatment of his clients allows his clients the true privilege of working closely with a consummate professional. I, therefore, offer Howard my highest endorsement.”
Fernando Vargas, Upland, CA
“I have known Howard for several decades and believe him to be a particularly conscientious and capable PI attorney. I have not hesitated to refer him my friends and clients who have had a need for his expertise. I heartily endorse him; if you require the services of a personal injury lawyer, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone better.”
Steven Greenwood, Westlake Village, CA

At Howard Blau Law, we have more than 35 years of experience dealing with serious and complex cases against insurance companies, large corporations, and negligent individuals. Serious personal injury cases are a primary focus, with a majority of our cases representing motorcycle accidents, dog bites, fractures and neurological injuries. We serve clients in Ventura County and the surrounding including Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties.

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