Important Recalls: Sabrett Hotdogs, Honda Accord and Takata Air Bags

Although most consumer products are tested for safety, no process is perfect.  Unsafe products can and do make their way to market all the time.  When these defective products are discovered, a recall is often issued.  This week’s recalls are – Sabrett Hotdogs which could cause oral injury, Honda Accord battery defect that could trigger [...]

Airbag Recall Update | Takata pleads guilty to fraud

The Takata airbag recall now affects 42 million vehicles worldwide. The LA Times recently referred to it as "the largest automotive recall in U.S. history." As you may know, these faulty airbag inflators can cause airbags to explode, shooting shrapnel into drivers and passengers. Last week, Takata Corp. pleaded guilty to a criminal charge for a [...]

Worldwide Takata Air bag Recall

Is your car's air bag defective? In the news: Unprecedented automotive recall of Takata air bags is now occurring worldwide. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports: Takata Corporation manufactures air bag inflators that use ammonium nitrate, a chemical that ignites an air bag upon impact. Ammonium nitrate degrades over time especially when [...]

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