Review These Safety Tips for a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Halloween is right around the corner with adults and children alike excited as ever.  Free candy, dressing up in costumes, spooky parties – what more could you ask for?

While Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday, most of us are familiar with the precautions we should take, especially with younger children in tow. It’s a busy night with lots of foot traffic, making it imperative that we stay vigilant about the safety of our children, ourselves, and even our pets.

Howard Blau Law has compiled the following safety reminders to keep in mind for Halloween Night or Halloween Events.

A great review of safety tips by Howard Blau Law for the 2017 Halloween Season.Tips for Planning Your Halloween or Halloween Events: 

  1. Plan your route before going out; ideally, well-lit and populated walkways are best for safety precautions.
  2. Choose high-visibility costumes for evening events.
  3. Decorate Trick-or-Treat bags or even costumes with reflective tape/stickers to improve visibility.

Halloween Costumes

  1. Try on the costume beforehand to catch and fix any potential problems (e.g., too long, impedes visibility or movement, etc.)
  2. Wigs should be fireproof and not restrict visibility.
  3. Using face paint instead of masks reduces the likelihood that a child’s vision will be obstructed.
  4. If using masks, test visibility and breathing to make sure neither are impeded.
  5. Avoid using realistic weapons or even toy guns with costumes.

Halloween / Event Day Safety Concerns

Please make sure to practice extra caution as a driver or a pedestrian on the road. According to the National Safety Council, 6,700 pedestrian deaths occurred overall in 2015, with 17% of those deaths due to people improperly crossing the road or at intersections. The month of October is rated #2 in the number of motor vehicle deaths, with August at #1.



Check out these additional safety tips for getting around during the festivities:

  1. Drive Slowly if on the road or driving to different neighborhoods.
  2. Limit Trick-or-Treating to well-lit areas, or even before the sun sets.
  3. Adults should carry flashlights with fresh batteries; children can carry or wear glow sticks to add extra visibility.
  4. Keep groups of children together; do not let them split up.
  5. For older children not keen on walking with adults: try a compromise of walking several feet behind them, but keeping eyes on them at all times.

Check your Consumables! Howard Blau Law discusses concerns and tips for Halloween Safety this spooky 2017 season.

An adult should examine the treats or goodies received, for two reasons:

  1. To make sure the treat has not been tampered with, and
  2. To ensure the treat has no allergy-inducing ingredients.

Other Tips

If you have children going with another family, or older children you agreed to let go on their own, make sure you establish an agreed-upon time that they will return.

Additionally, families with smartphones can use apps like Life360 to help follow the whereabouts of children, friends, and other family members without having to call or text them directly. This helps parents gain peace of mind while preventing children and others from being distracted by handling their phone, potentially detracting their attention from the walkway or the road.

Howard Blau Law discusses safety tips for humans and pets alike this Halloween season 2017.Don’t Forget Your Pets!

While holidays are often fun-filled for us humans, our pets can sometimes get spooked or confused by the extra activity occurring. It’s a good idea to keep pets inside the day before and the day of Halloween to avoid any problems.

Black cats are especially vulnerable on this holiday, being a popular subject in folklore and superstitions. Be especially mindful of their whereabouts during the month of October in general so they don’t become a victim of a cruel person’s bad intention.

Alternate Ideas For Halloween Fun

Instead of perusing the neighborhoods on Halloween night, some places offer trick-or-treating activities within their premises or at malls for a safer, enclosed, and well-lit environment. Churches and community centers often host Halloween events like “Trunk or Treat” to promote family-friendly celebrations.

Ambitious families can plan their own Halloween party and invite friends, neighborhood families, and other familiar faces to dress up and take part.

Here are some other options on this compiled List of Conejo Valley & Ventura Events for the 2017 Halloween season to help you and your family get in on all the fun!

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