Recent dog bite injury? Avoid serious infections!

Did you know that one in every five dog bites require medical attention

[1]? A dog bite injury can cause serious infections, require antibiotic treatment and sometimes hospitalization.

dog bite injury

Take the following steps if bitten:

  1. Stop the bleeding with a towel.
  2. Wash the infected area with a cloth, soap, and water.
  3. Cover the injury with a bandage and apply an antibiotic ointment.
  4. Make sure the dog is current with all vaccinations – especially rabies.
  5. Contact the dog owner, as the owner is liable by law in California for the bite.
  6. Report the bite immediately to your local animal control.
  7. Seek medical attention if in doubt. Dog bites are serious injuries.

dog bite injury

Remember – if you notice signs of an infection (such as swelling, redness, or pus), contact your doctor immediately! If you suffer from certain health conditions (such as diabetes or liver disease) you may have a higher risk of developing infections.

Most of all, be careful around all dogs, especially those that are not your own!

Note: Dog owners in California have a statutory responsibility for victims of dog bites.  Know the law, know your rights.

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*Center for Disease Control (CDC)