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Motorcycle Accidents

What Happens If I Get Into an Accident?
The Accident
How We Help You

Howard Blau Law: Experts in Motorcycle Accident Cases

“I have successfully represented hundreds of motorcycle accident victims based upon my comprehensive understanding of motorcycle accident dynamics, 40 years of riding experience and 35 years of legal experience representing seriously injured motorcycle accident clients.”

Howard Blau has been an avid motorcycle rider and enthusiast for the last 40 years. He has ridden on the street, dirt and track. He has owned over 30 different motorcycles and continues to ride on a regular basis. Howard began representing victims of motorcycle accidents more than 35 years ago when other motorcyclists he knew had suffered injury while on their bikes. He quickly realized that he was in a very unique position to provide expert legal representation to those involved in motorcycle accidents because of his experience working at a motorcycle dealership and as a motorcycle rider combined with his legal experience representing clients injured in all types of accidents.

His ability to understand the dynamics of motorcycle operation and control combined with his extensive litigation experience allows him the ability to successfully represent his clients that are injured in motorcycle accidents and obtain the maximum possible recovery against insurance companies and large corporations.

Victims of motorcycle accidents need and deserve legal representation from an attorney that not only fully understands how specific motorcycles function but who also understands the state of mind of the injured motorcycle rider and who truly cares about their clients. Our motorcycle accident clients fully appreciate our ability and desire to be on the same page with them. We understand how motorcycle accidents occur and the degree and severity of injury suffered by our clients. We take all steps necessary to secure top quality medical care for our clients, and to quickly obtain money to repair or replace their motorcycle.

Howard Blau Law will provide you a FREE confidential legal consultation in these matters. It is best to call us either at our Westlake Village (818-888-0303) or our Oxnard (805-644-2112) office (or send us an email) BEFORE you say or do anything that might jeopardize the determination of responsibility in your case, or your rights to full compensation.

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The Accident

At the Accident Scene

Here are some important steps to follow after an accident:

  1. Stay calm and gather all necessary facts, names, addresses, phone numbers and license numbers.
  2. Look for witnesses and get their contact information.
  3. Be extra careful about what you say to law enforcement officials. It is far better to say too little than too much.
  4. Do not give any statements or sign any releases for medical records or employment records. Often the medical release allows an insurance adjuster to obtain your medical records and to talk to the doctors without you or anyone being present.
  5. If your injuries are serious or if you are uncertain about your injury, it is best to contact an attorney.
  6. Do not talk to the other person’s insurance company, ESPECIALLY if you think you might be hiring an attorney. Just don’t do it.
  7. Contact me, Howard Blau, personally to discuss your rights.

Contacting an Attorney

In serious accidents you cannot trust that the other guy will look out for your interests. The only one who will look out for you is you and your designated attorney.

Motorcycle accident cases are almost always taken on a contingency basis – meaning your attorney gets paid a percentage of the recovery when your case is won. This is why you want to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome by choosing an attorney who has a successful track record in winning cases just like yours.

Your attorney will also contact insurance companies and obtain coverage information. He will interview witnesses, take photographs of all visible injury, property damage (bike and personal clothing) and the accident scene. Should your case require retaining an accident reconstruction engineer or other expert, it will be especially advantageous to have an experienced motorcycle attorney helping to direct those experts.

In addition, an experienced motorcycle accident attorney who also owns and appreciates bikes, is going to be fully concerned that you are compensated for the “true” value of your bike, for its replacement costs including all its custom modifications and accessories.

Your Case

What You Should Do to Help your Case:

  1. Make a detailed list of damage to your bike, personal gear and the cost to replace them.
  2. Total any and all medical costs resulting from the incident – both present and future. Your attorney will have a better idea of the long-term effects and complications of traumatic injuries.
  3. Calculate lost income, including overtime and benefits – again as it applies to both your present and future earning power.
  4. A careful consideration of the pain, suffering and emotional duress that resulted from the accident – as it plays out now and into the future. How long will you carry the physical (and emotional) scars from the accident? How might it effect you as a wage earner or as the head of a household?
  5. Motorcycle accident cases differ from other types of personal injury cases in several ways. The types of injury can be different, with a greater focus on abrasion as well as arm and leg injuries. The kind of muscular exertion that precedes a motorcycle accident can also result in types of internal damages that can be difficult to see. What if there was no actual physical contact with the other vehicle? What if there were defective parts that might have contributed to the accident? Howard Blau Law deals with these issues on a daily basis.

State Laws

Motorcycle laws do differ from state to state, so when traveling it is important to be aware of those variations.

To learn about different state motorcycle laws, go to

  1. California requires helmets.
  2. California also allows for lane-splitting, though there are hazards attendant to lane-splitting that make extra safety demands on the rider.
  3. For more specifics on California motorcycle laws, go to

Your Need for Insurance

California insurance laws require compulsory liability insurance (minimum limits of $15,000/30,000/5,000). A driver involved in an accident who fails to prove existence of financial responsibility at the time of an accident shall have his driver’s license suspended for one year. In 1996, California passed Proposition 213 that states that if you do not carry liability insurance and are involved in an accident, you are not entitled to pain and suffering damages, but are limited only to actual economic damage and repair costs.

Every rider should have full coverage insurance. Full Coverage Motorcycle Insurance breaks down as follows:

  1. Liability covers you for personal injury and property damage to the other party if the accident is determined to be your fault.
  2. Uninsured/Underinsured covers you if you are injured by another party who has no insurance or insufficient insurance to fully compensate you.
  3. Collision covers repairs to your vehicle irrespective of who is responsible for the damage.
  4. Comprehensive covers theft of your motorcycle and its parts, damage caused by vandalism and generally, by flood or fire.

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