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Automobile Accidents

The Leading Cause of Injury

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Car accidents are a very common occurrence on our busy roads, and will continue to be an issue so long as the volume of vehicles on the road increases and the safety of our highways is threatened due to lack of education and a sharp increase in driver distractions. Even if you’ve never been involved in a car accident, you surely know many people who have. In fact, car accidents are the most common cause of injury in the United States.

Of course, we are always advocates of prevention above all else. If you’re spending a lot of your time on the road, our most important recommendation is to stay alert and be observant. The risk of an accident increases drastically when you aren’t paying as much attention to the road around you. Do not drive in an impaired state, whether it be due to drinking, controlled substances, exhaustion, or distractions such as mobile phones. Be extra careful when there are hazards such as weather, construction, debris, or traffic. Finally, always keep in mind to obey posted speed limits. Speed can kill.

Fortunately, the vast majority of drivers on the road follow these safety tips carefully and arrive at their intended destination safely. For the times when an accident is unavoidable, we are all fairly familiar with the process our car insurance companies take to determine the cause of the accident, assess liability, and rectify the situation legally and financially.

However, sometimes a dispute may occur, or an injury is suffered that requires the driver to retain an attorney in order to fight the case in court. For these times, it is crucial to choose an experienced lawyer with a strong track record and an inherent ability to fight for your best interests. Howard Blau can take the stress and confusion out of the legal process, because you have enough to deal with outside of the courtroom.

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