Hit and Run Survival for Pedestrians

As the weather gets nicer, it becomes more tempting to go out for a walk. While walking instead of driving is better for your health, the environment, and your wallet, remember that pedestrians are the most vulnerable users of the road. According to a recent report from KCAL9, distracted driving is causing a spike in hit and run crashes involving pedestrians (meaning the driver flees the scene immediately after the crash). In a lot of these accidents, the pedestrian isn’t even at fault.

The old cliche of looking both ways before you cross the street may not be enough to keep you safe on your morning walk. Review these tips for pedestrian safety and read below for information on how to survive a hit and run.

If you see a car coming but can’t get out of the way in time:

Watch the video from KCAL9 below, and you’ll see, not all accidents are pedestrians’ fault. Even people who practice perfect pedestrian safety can become victims of hit and run accidents when a distracted driver careens onto the sidewalk. Since cars move so much faster than pedestrians, when a car comes out of nowhere, those on foot often don’t have time to get out of the way.

Luckily, this report also offers a potential solution.

Jump with both feet and roll onto the hood of the car.

If you see a car coming, but don’t have enough time or space to run out of the way, jump with both feet and roll onto the hood to reduce your injuries. This isn’t the ideal solution, as it’s unlikely that you have extensive movie stunt training, but if a car is coming straight for you and you only have a few seconds to react, this could dramatically reduce your injuries.

What to do if it’s a hit and run:

1. Gather as much information as you can at the scene of the accident.

If the driver stays at the scene, keep them there. Read this post for more information on what to do after a car accident.

In a hit and run, your initial reaction may be that there is no information left to collect. That is not the case. Try your best to get a picture of their license plate, but if you can’t, make a mental note of the make, model and color of the car.

2. Call the police from the scene of the accident.

Call the police and wait for them at the scene. File an accident report.

3. Hire an attorney.

Not all hope is lost just because the driver fled the scene. We are here to help you. One of our past clients was the victim of a hit and run accident. You can read his story here.


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