Pedestrian Deaths Up 7% in California

It is alarming that with an increase of awareness to driver’s safety and new technologies to increase safety in vehicles; there continues to be large numbers of pedestrian deaths. According to a recent National Study, the number of pedestrians killed by vehicles rose by 7% in the state of California. From January to June there have been 347 pedestrian deaths, an increase from 323 people the previous year.

In 2015, researchers have seen an increase in people driving and walking as the job market got stronger and the price of gas decreased. Car companies have continuously updated their technology to ensure the safety of passengers, but neglect the safety of pedestrians. In an analysis from 2015, data from Los Angeles County show that pedestrian accidents account for one third of traffic deaths; an appalling number above the national average.  As a pedestrian, be vigilant! Just because you are walking within a crosswalk on a green light, or have the right of way, you must be extremely cautious!

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