Monaco Grand Prix Recap

This race was very interesting for several reasons. Daniel Ricciardo, in the emerging Red Bull, grabbed the pole followed by Rosberg, Hamilton, Vettel and Hulkenberg. The race started in the rain with all cars shod on rain tires with the safety car taking the field through the first 7 laps of the race.

When the safety car hit the pits, Ricciardo began to pull away from the field, followed by Rosberg, Hamilton and Vettel. By lap 17, Ricciardo had a 13 second lead ahead of Rosberg. At this point, it appeared that Rosberg was holding up Hamilton, and either Rosberg had a mechanical problem or the team told him to let Hamilton by. Hamilton then got by Rosberg and started to charge after Ricciardo.

The track started to dry out. Most of the cars started to come in to the pits, and on lap 32 Ricciardo came in, had a very bad stop and when he came back out, Hamilton was ahead and in the lead. At this point it was Hamilton, Ricciardo, Perez, Vettel and Alonzo through the end of the race.

My thoughts: Lewis Hamilton is back, hammer time is back on.

Current Driver Standings:

  1. Nico Rosberg- 108 points
  2. Lewis Hamilton- 82 points
  3. Daniel Ricciardo- 66 points
  4. Kimi Raikkonen- 61 points
  5. Sebastian Vettel- 60 points


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