June 26, 2016 MotoGP, Assen, Holland

Starting Grid:
Dovizioso – Ducati
Rossi – Yamaha
Redding – Ducati
Marquez – Honda
Cruthchlow – Honda
Hernandez – Ducati

This was one wild and crazy race. When the race started it was not raining but the track was still wet. So it was declared a “Wet” race and the guys started on rain tires.

Rossi shortly got out in front followed by Dovizioso, Hernandez, Espargaro (Yamaha) and Marquez. By lap 2 the track started to dry. Hernandez, who was on soft rain tires, then got by Rossi and began to pull away.

By lap 5, the order was Hernandez, Rossi, Dovisioso, Petrucci (Ducati), Iannone (Ducati), then Marquez. By lap 6 Lorenzo had fallen back to 18th place. At this point the track was looking pretty dry and the teams had had put slicks on the bikes anticipating their riders would be coming in shortly to change bikes.

Then, on lap 8 it started raining. The guys stayed out, and by lap 10 the order was: Hernandez, Dovisioso, Rossi, Petrucci (and closing), then Iannone. On lap 11, Hernandez crashed out as the rain started to get heavy and the track started to puddle. On lap 13, Iannone lost it and was out.

By lap 15, the order was Petrucci, Dovisioso, Rossi, Redding, Marquez and Pedroza. At this point, the race was red flagged due to heavy rain.
Eventually the rain stopped, and a new 12 lap race started with riders still running rain tires. Then on lap 1, Pedrosa crashed, and Rossi grabbed the lead followed by Dovisioso, Marquez, Jack Miller (Non factory Honda) and Espargaro. On lap 2, Dovisioso, Bradley Smith and Rossi all crash out. This was unbelievable.

Then on lap 4, Miller made a beautiful pass and got by Marquez for the lead and began to pull away. This was amazing. The finishing order was Miller, Marquez, Redding, Espargaro and Iannone.


Miller is an Aussie and only 21 years old. This was his first MotoGP podium. This race had it all. Rain, sunshine, about a million passes, Rossi crashing out when he looked so strong and Lorenzo coming in close to last. Marquez is now looking pretty good with championship points.

The current points standing is now:
Marquez 145
Lorenzo 121
Rossi 103
Pedrosa 86


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