It could happen to you – Medical Malpractice

I was just retained by a women who recently underwent surgery at a local hospital to remove a colostomy bag that had been placed at the time of a previous surgery.

The bag removal surgery seemingly went well and my client was sent to recovery. Thereafter, the surgical staff was counting the sponges used during the surgery and realized that one sponge was missing. An x-ray was taken and a radiologist confirmed that something was left in my client’s body.

My client had to undergo an additional surgery within hours of the first to remove the sponge left inside her body.


What is the likelihood of this happening to you? Medical Malpractice is on the rise and medical errors are now the third leading cause of death in the United States, after heart disease and cancer – claiming 251,454 yearly deaths.  Medical Malpractice occurs when the level of care, which includes decisions, treatment, and failure to treat, falls below the accepted medical standard of care. This breach of the standard is medical malpractice and amounts to negligence that is actionable by law. The issues that will need to be established are: what is the appropriate medical standard of care to be applied to my client’s case, and exactly how did the surgeon and medical staff fall short of meeting this standard. Basically, were accepted medical practices followed?


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