Going Trick or Treating? Practice Halloween Safety!

Halloween is an exciting time of the year for both children and parents, as it is a holiday that includes fun activities like dressing up, eating sugary goods, and trick-or-treating! While Halloween is a great tradition, it is important to take precaution to avoid injuries. Halloween night brings about trick-or-treating; where children stroll through near and far neighborhoods collecting candy. All this excitement can cause children to forget their basic traffic safety rules, such as watching out for cars in the street or backing out of driveways. This Halloween, avoid unwanted injuries by taking the necessary precautions! Speak with your child about traffic safety and Halloween safety tips prior to trick-or-treating to ensure your Halloween experience is enjoyable and safe.

  1. Always have an adult present, a responsible guardian or adult should always join young trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. This will ensure the safety of young children from unwanted misfortunes, such as getting lost.
  2. Beware of drivers, never assume the right of way on a dark night. Drivers may have trouble seeing at night. Make direct eye contact with the driver to assure that they are aware of your crossing.
  3. Be visible, bring flashlights to your routes and wear reflective clothing or tape. This will allow drivers to see you. This will also help young children from getting lost. Never allow your child to go trick-or-treating in an all-dark costume.
  4. Stay in a group, traveling in bigger groups makes everyone more visible to drivers and is a safer practice overall. Communicate with group members of the next locations and never breakaway from the group.
  5. Plan out the route, be sure to communicate with your group about specific routes. Never travel through unfamiliar areas and always stay near a crowd. If older children are trick-or-treating alone, make sure to assign specific routes for them and set a strict return time.
  6. Stay on the illuminated side of the street, practice safety and visibility by staying on the lit side of the road – this will allow for drivers to see you better. Make sure to emphasize this to your 12-year old and older children who may be trick-or-treating alone!
  7. Avoid Masks, wearing masks can obstruct your child’s vision and make it hard for him or her to see oncoming traffic. Use other alternatives to decorate your child face, such as face paint.

Halloween Safety

It is important to practice Halloween safety to avoid unwanted injuries. Remind your child to look both ways before crossing the street, walk on sidewalks, and wait for you at the end of the street (children 12 and under). If your child is 12 years or under, we highly encourage you to supervise your child or assign an adult to do so. This supervision can prevent Halloween festivities from turning dangerous. If your child is 12 years or older and ready to trick-or-treat on their own, make sure they go out with a group of more than three people. Also, ensure they have a cellphone in order to stay in touch with them. If you or your child witnesses any suspicious behavior, make sure to contact your local police department!

Neighborhood trick-or-treating is not for every parent or child. If you feel more comfortable taking your child trick-or-treating in a more controlled environment, there are many events occurring around the Ventura County area, check these out:

  1. Halloween Party at Community Center Park in Camarillo(5-8pm)
  2. Halloween Festival at Thousand Oaks Library (4-6PM)
  3. Trunk or Treat at Ventura First Assembly (6-8:30PM)
  4. Halloween Fun at Tutor Time Agoura(3:30PM)
  5. Halloween Spooktacular Trick-or-Treat at Agoura Hills/Calabasas Cty Ctr (3-5PM)
  6. Halloween Carnival in Simi Valley (5:30-8PM)
  7. Ventura YMCA Hosts Halloween Fun at Pacific View Mall (3-7PM)
  8. Trick or Treating at Pacific View Mall in Ventura (4-6PM)
  9. Harvest Festival at South Coast Fellowship in Ventura (5:30-8PM)
  10. Treats for Troops Candy Trade-In at Lazertag Extreme Simi Valley
  11. Pumpkinliner Train Rides at Fillmore & Western Railway (10AM-2PM)
  12. Oak Park Community Center Carnival (5:30PM-8PM)

If you are looking for Halloween festivities during the weekend, visit the Conejo Valley Guide.

Halloween Safety

Whether you are trick-or-treating around the neighborhood or visiting a community event, practicing Halloween safety is very important! Staying safe during Halloween night starts with speaking with your children about safe Halloween habits and setting guidelines. It is easy for children to get excited about Halloween and ignore basic Halloween safety rules, such as not looking both ways before crossing the street or walking in the middle of the street. It is our job to keep our children safe this Halloween!

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