Update: Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 Recall

UPDATE: Samsung Electronics has announced it will issue a software update for the recalled Galaxy Note 7, which has been the cause of dozens of fires due to its overheating battery. This software update will limit the overheating of batteries by stopping phones from charging over 60%. The Galaxy Note 7 recall is still in effect for people that wish to return their phones.

Galaxy Note 7 recall

Video of Galaxy Note 7 causing auto fire in Florida

According to Samsung, many Galaxy Note 7 owners do not realize the severity of the recall. Many phone owners have chosen to continue to use their phones and ignore fire hazard warnings. This software update is directed towards users that have continued to use their devices after the recall was issued. Peter Yu, an analyst at BNP Paribas stated, “Samsung has to contain the battery explosions, but people are not returning the phones. It is taking a desperate measure.” The desperate measure being taken by Samsung is a downgrade for the Galaxy Note 7, worsening the battery life to contain device fires. Samsung has received more than 70 reported cases of Galaxy Note 7 fires in the United States. The company will begin to distribute new Galaxy Note 7 phones starting September 19th in South Korea.

Samsung advises all current Galaxy Note 7 owners to power down their phone and report any incidents.

Galaxy Note 7 recall


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