F1 Russian Grand Prix

Three races into the 2016 season and Ferrari is already beginning to panic despite challenging Mercedes in Australia, Bahrain and China. Ferrari is without victory since September, 2015. In response to their slow start, Ferrari is set to fast track an engine upgrade to this weekend’s Russian Grand Prix in a move that can make or break their campaign. The challenge for Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen in Russia is to end Nico Rosberg’s streak of six consecutive wins.

Also, in Formula1 news, commissioners have failed to reach an agreement on the 2017 engine regulations following Tuesday’s meeting at Biggin Hill. FIA president Jean Todt wants to address the cost, availability of supply, noise and performance convergence of F1 engines. The plans include cars with more down force, plus wider front and rear tires. The proposal was sent to the F1 Commission, but a decision has not been made.

The current Formula 1 Driver Standings are:

  1. Nico Rosberg- 75 points
  2. Lewis Hamilton- 39 points
  3. Daniel Ricciardo- 36 points
  4. Sebastian Vettel- 33 points
  5. Kimi Raikkonen- 28 points

The Russian Grand Prix is scheduled for May 1, broadcasting at 5:00AM PT.



2016 Russian Grand Prix Circuit

2016 Russian Grand Prix Circuit


Do you think Ferrari will be able to break Rosberg’s reign?



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