It Could Happen to You: Dog Bite

Our client, a young girl, has suffered from a disfigurement on her face caused by a dog bite. This incident happened when she visited a pet store in Thousand Oaks which was hosting a “meet and greet” for rescue dogs.

dog bite

The three rescue dogs were inside a plastic 5’ x 6’ pen, with horizontal bars approximately 3” apart. Since there was no caution or “Beware of Dog” signs, our young client put her face near the fence. Moments later, she was bitten by the dog. She was immediately taken to the emergency room for treatment.

Our young client suffered a permanent U-shaped scarring near her lip. Three years after the accident, she continues to suffer from burning, itching, and self-conscious issues due to her disfigurement. Due to the fact that our client is a minor, the statute of limitations extends beyond her 18th birthday and we can now pursue a claim on her behalf.

dog bite

If you are ever bitten by a dog, follow these procedures.

It is important to always be cautious around unfamiliar dogs:

  1. Always ask the dog handler if it is safe to pet the dog or allow your children to pet the dog.
  2. Never allow your child to place their face near, hug, or kiss the dog. These actions may appear threatening to dogs and entice them to attack.
  3. Pay attention to a dog’s behavior, if a dog is growling or showing his/her teeth they may feel threatened.

dog bite

If you are looking to adopt an animal from a local shelter, follow these tips.

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