Celebrating Thanksgiving During Covid-19

2020 is the year that keeps on giving. In fact, many people wish it would stop giving. Alas, you still have the holiday season to get through before turning the calendar page to 2021. Like virtually every other aspect of life, Covid-19 is sure to impact your Thanksgiving, but we’ve identified 5 ways you can have a Happy Covid-19 Thanksgiving despite the challenges it delivers.

1. Give Thanks

2020 has been tough on everyone, and it can be easy to get caught up in negative thinking. Some people don’t look forward to the holidays in a normal year, let alone a pandemic year. Wherever you stand, Thanksgiving provides the perfect opportunity to take stock of the season, the year, and even your life, and identify the things for which you are grateful. Starting today, set a daily reminder to spend time in gratitude.

Focusing on gratitude can be as quick and easy as a mental checklist of five things per day for which you are grateful. You can also be more intentional by journaling the list or expanding on your thoughts in the area of gratitude. The more time you spend intentionally focusing on and giving thanks for good, the more you will find that it refreshes your mind and positively shifts your perspective. You can even do a gratitude circle at your Thanksgiving meal (no matter how many seats are filled) as you have your loved ones identify at least one thing for which they are grateful. You may even find that this practice extends beyond the season and becomes a practice in your daily life!

2. Host Outdoors

California residents are fortunate in that you generally have the ability to enjoy outdoor activities all year round, and Thanksgiving is one of them. If you worry about Covid-19 transmission, you can take one step to host your family Thanksgiving gathering outdoors to allow for social distancing. Taking extra precautions may help alleviate your stress and the stress of your guests on what should be an enjoyable family holiday.

3. Limit Your Number of Guests

If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, try to limit the number of guests and abide by local and state guidance on gatherings. You can limit Thanksgiving to only those residing in your home. You can also ask those attending as guests to quarantine for 14 days leading up to Thanksgiving to ensure everyone’s health and limit transmission.

4. Stick to the Basics

If you feel extra stressed this year, now is not the time to try new recipes or add tasks that will only increase your anxiety level. Instead, remove anything that is stress-producing. Be proactive by making food ahead of time, asking people to pitch in, and sticking to what you know.

5. Make it Fun

Turn a negative into a positive by making things fun! For example, you could have color-coded wine tags or name badges that identify whether someone wants to maintain social distance or is open to hugging. You can also pre-package meals so that people aren’t sharing serving spoons and cross-contaminating. You can even have the kids decorate masks to be Thanksgiving-themed and award a prize to the best. Throw in board games or family activities to inject a positive attitude and fun into the day.

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