Thanksgiving Safety is Something to be Grateful For

There’s so much to be grateful for this year, as there is every year. For us at Howard Blau Law, one of the biggest things is safety. Yes, not the sort of answer you’d expect while going around the table,  but hear us out.  We’re grateful for safety because it got us here. It’s what [...]

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Lettuce (Not) Give Thanks: The E. coli Outbreak Disrupting Your Post-Turkey Day Salad Plans

With the exception of Bon Appétit’s Staff, few people are likely to consider salads an integral part of the Thanksgiving Meal. It’s not that salads aren’t lovely — they are. It’s just that lettuce has 364 other days of the year to shine — not only in salads, but as an accoutrement to the pride [...]

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Pet Safety Tips For a Happy Thanksgiving

Oh, November… where would we be without you? The turkey; the stuffing; the cat licking gravy off your toddler’s foot; the day of maxing out your credit card because nothing says I LOVE YOU, HAPPY HOLIDAYS like consumerism. Wait, sorry, we misspelled consumption. A turkey bone just fell on the floor. Your cat ate it. [...]

Pardon My Turkey-Day Chaos: A Quick Guide to a Safe Thanksgiving

Turkey Day is nearly upon us, and if you’re like our family here at Howard Blau Law, you’re no doubt looking forward to some quality time with your loved ones. There’s a lot to be grateful for this year, and a lot to reflect upon as well -- and considering the events of the past [...]

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5 Easy Kitchen & Home Tips for a Safe & Happy Thanksgiving!

Can you believe next week is already Thanksgiving? The holidays are meant to be a celebratory time of year with friends, family, and plenty of food to go around. With all the excitement and festivities, it’s easy to forget or lose track of time in the midst of all the hubbub and catching-up with everyone. [...]

Thanksgiving-Related Accidents: Be Prepared.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday where family and friends come together to give thanks and enjoy a delicious meal.  Even such delightful moments can be packed with hidden dangers. Whether you are in charge of cooking the turkey, slicing the carrots, or you are driving home on a full stomach, dangers lurk at every corner. Be [...]