Child Deaths in Hot Cars On the Rise

Summer is here and temperatures are skyrocketing. Parents say they would never leave their children unattended in a car, yet in a world filled with constant distractions, they sometimes do.  According to the National Safety Council, nearly three times as many children have died after being left in hot cars this year in comparison to this time last […]

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Heat Stroke or Heat Exhaustion? Do You Know the Signs?

With record breaking heat this week many residents will be affected by heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

Do you know the difference?

Heat Exhaustion:

Faint or Dizzy
Excessive Sweating
Cool, pale, clammy skin
Rapid, weak pulse
Muscle cramps

Heat Stroke:

Throbbing headache
No sweating
Body temperature above 103 degrees; red, hot, dry skin
Rapid, strong pulse
May lose […]

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