The Howard Blau Law Summer Safety Series: A Retrospective

Though summer won't officially be over until September 23, we’re only weeks away from the start of the school year. (Or, in the case of the poor children of Alhambra, only days away. YUCK!) The end of summer is both a sad and joyous time. On the one hand, you have freedom. But on the [...]

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The Howard Blau Law Summer Safety Series: Hot Tips for Your Family, Part 2

The word summer is synonymous with fun in the sun, family camping trips, and long talks with your youngest daughter about how playground sand is not actually fairy dust, “so please don’t try to turn this new nanny into a unicorn. She’s very qualified and Mommy can’t pay for a third scratched cornea.”  And yet, [...]

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The Howard Blau Law Summer Safety Series: As Temperatures Rise, So Do Hot Car Incidents

It can happen to anyone. Any parent. Any child. One momentary instance of forgetfulness becomes the thing that splits your life down the middle… the before, and the after. The brutal reckoning of despair after; the, interminable string of sleepless nights after, left with nothing but the company of tangled sheets and the screeching of [...]

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The Howard Blau Law Summer Safety Series: Heatstroke Isn’t Cool

This is post #3 in our inaugural Summer Safety Series! If you missed them, check out our other posts in the series here:   #1. Hot Tips for Your Family, Part 1 [pools, trampolines, and food poisoning] #2. Help! I’ve Created A Lobster! [sun safety]   The goal is to beat the heat — not [...]

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The Howard Blau Law Summer Safety Series, #2: “Help! I’ve Created A Lobster!”

Ah, lobster:  delightful to eat slathered in butter… not-so-delightful to eat slathered in aloe vera from head-to-toe because you forgot your Banana Boat at home again. Although color-matching your dinner might very well be the apotheosis of insult added to injury, there are other reasons to steer clear of the midday sun. Of course, there’s [...]

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Spring Into Safety With These Round-the-Home Tips

Spring has sprung, although it seems as though the weather, upon getting that memo, promptly dismissed it in preference of more rain, thunder, and 63 degree days. Hopefully, not for much longer. As the days warm back up here in Southern California, it's the perfect time to refresh ourselves on some of the biggest dangers [...]

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California Drivers Among Worst in Country

If you've ever gone on a road trip, you may have noticed that driving styles and quality vary from city to city.  New Yorkers are notorious for horn honking and tailgating.  Miami drivers are renowned for ignoring the turn signal.  Portlanders are famously slow and polite behind the wheel.  Los Angeles drivers are more prone to road rage than the rest [...]

Happy 241st Birthday America!!!

Sunny blue sky, warm summer breeze, American flags waving outside buildings and homes, family and friends getting together for picnics and barbecues, patriotic music, games, parades and the most impressive fireworks.  This is Independence Day! An evening of lighting up the sky and dazzling spectators with amazing fireworks.  However, the same explosive power that awes [...]

Fly Me to the Moon-Bounce

Moon bounces, also called house bounces, are about as universally loved by kids as ice cream cones on a summer day and candy bars on Halloween. For kids, they see moon bounce, they run toward it.  But for some parents, the feeling about these inflatables is more along the lines of “accident waiting to happen.” [...]

Keep Summer Pool Time Safe

Summer just wouldn’t be summer without relaxing by the pool and throwing pool parties with friends and family.  Many of us enjoy swimming - it is one of the most popular sports activities in the United States; not only for its health benefits, but it is also an excellent way to have fun with your [...]