The Fast and the Futileness: Police Struggle in the Race for L.A.’s Streets

This is the sequel to “The Fast and The Felonious,” our article about street racing from this past July. If you haven’t already, you can read it here. In the race for the streets of Southern California, Los Angeles is still looking for solutions. For years, street racing has been a thorn in their side [...]

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The Fast and the Felonious: The Deadly Cost of Illegal Street Racing

“When we wake up, we have to remind ourselves that our daughter is not here, that this is the new reality.” UPS trucks aren’t meant to go airborne. Like jungle gyms, and oak trees, or the subject of the popular adynaton “when pigs fly,” they’re meant to stay tethered to this earth. William Littlefield’s 19-year-old [...]

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“It Could Happen to You: Car Accident Injuries”

Car Accident Injuries: Our law firm is currently working with a young lady who was involved in a car accident, resulting in injuries. It all started when she was driving with her friend westbound on Agoura Road, in the #2 lane. The defendant, who was exiting a store parking lot, failed to yield the right of way to our [...]

“Are you the parent of a young driver? Ventura County Start Smart is for you!”

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has developed statewide free classes to raise awareness and diminish the number of teen-related accidents. Ventura County Start Smart classes, taught by a local police department, aim to help young teen drivers and their parents fully comprehend the responsibilities of being a licensed driver. Topics discussed in the class [...]