Lettuce (Not) Give Thanks: The E. coli Outbreak Disrupting Your Post-Turkey Day Salad Plans

With the exception of Bon Appétit’s Staff, few people are likely to consider salads an integral part of the Thanksgiving Meal. It’s not that salads aren’t lovely — they are. It’s just that lettuce has 364 other days of the year to shine — not only in salads, but as an accoutrement to the pride [...]

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Massive Chicken Nugget Recall Pulls 120,000 lbs. Off Shelves

Usually when you say something tastes like rubber, or is as hard as a block of wood, it's not meant to be literal. On the heels of headline-making lettuce and beef recalls, January was the “Month of the Chicken Nugget.” Three major recalls involving Tyson and Perdue — two of the largest meat producers in [...]

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