Fun Ways To Get Your Kids Involved in Outdoor Activities With Sensible Social Distancing

There's a recent documentary trending on Netflix about social media and the harm it can cause. Young, developing brains are not equipped to navigate these sites well, yet the average youth spends an inordinate amount of time on electronics in the form of gaming and social media. Although Covid-19 exacerbates this issue, many opportunities still [...]

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Working From Home: Workstation Ergonomics and Productivity Enhancements

Picture this: you're sitting there at 10:30 am on a Wednesday at your dining room table, strewn with children's toys, and last week's mail gently pushed out of the way to create a workspace for your laptop. You say to yourself, "Self, I'm going to crush productivity today." Five minutes later, you're Googling, "Where do [...]

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Exercising Outdoors

Nearly six months have passed since Covid-19 reared its menacing head, and most gyms are still closed. Fortunately, California weather provides ample opportunities to exercise outdoors year-round, and hiking is one activity that people of all ages can enjoy. We've put together this article on hiking to address general safety precautions and hiking tips for [...]

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Exploring from Home: Fun Activities for You and the Kids

Fall is here, and the days are getting shorter as you prepare for Fall holidays, sweaters, sports, and fires. In years past, you enjoyed those activities with others, but now it's 2020, know... the 'Rona. Since it's been nearly six months since we posted a list of activities to do with the kids, we [...]

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K9’s and Covid-19 Part 3: The Forgotten Dogs of Covid-19

This is the last of our three-part series on K9's and Covid-19. First, we discussed how our four-legged friends were adapting to the pandemic. Then, we shared some tips and tricks for dog walkers and visits to dog parks during this time. To round things out, we will check-in on all those pups who were [...]

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K9’s and Covid-19 Part 1: How Our Four-Legged Friends Are Adapting to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Since Covid-19 doesn't show any signs of slowing down and is increasing in many areas including Southern California, we thought you might be wondering about the health and safety of your furry friends. To that end, this is the first of a three-part series on your four-legged kids, how they may be managing during the [...]

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Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Living in Ventura County provides access to the sun's gift of vitamin D, picturesque hiking through rolling hills, magnificent oceanic wildlife views, and an array of charming boutiques, quaint antique stores, and pleasant coffee shops. Unfortunately, their use has been diminished as Phase 3 of the COVID-19 reopen plan is still a few days away. The [...]

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Our Friends at Morton Capital Would Like to Help You

In these challenging times, our friends at Morton Capital are giving back in the best way they know how:  by offering you, or anyone else who needs guidance right now, free financial planning. We have maintained a professional relationship with Morton Capital for more than 20 years, and it is with great admiration for their [...]

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Motorcycling Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In our last article, we talked about whether or not it was a good idea to go out for a motorcycle ride right now. There are ethical implications, such as the potential risk to others should you get into an accident and require hospitalization, but that’s not all there is to think about when weighing [...]

To Ride or Not to Ride: Motorcycling in the Time of COVID-19

The streets are empty and quiet. Almost eerily so. Freeways that were once rush hour parking lots now look like stills from a post-apocalyptic film. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably feeling a little stir-crazy… and starting to think those roads might make the perfect personal racetrack. But should you be riding your motorcycle [...]