Jobs in the Time of Coronavirus: How to Work From Home Successfully

If you’ve never worked from home before: hello, and welcome to the procrastination station. Your laundry will never be more folded.  You might think that working from home sounds like your dream — think of how much more you’ll get done without that commute — but in reality, combining your workspace with your living spaces [...]

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Coronavirus Update 2: Where Are We Now, and “Flatten the Curve”

*For the most up-to-date reliable information on the Coronavirus outbreak, visit the dedicated COVID-19 Johns Hopkins web page.  There have been moments in the past week where trying to stay on top of coronavirus updates feels like chasing after a giant snowball rolling down the hill. And then there was last Wednesday, when that snowball [...]

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Coronavirus 2019: How Worried Should You Be?

With newly identified cases of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) on the rise in the United States, it's hard not to wonder:  “How worried should I be?” This question isn’t the easiest one to answer, since there is still so much we don’t yet know about this virus, but we can at least say this:  [...]

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The Howard Blau Law Summer Safety Series: Hot Tips for Your Family, Part 2

The word summer is synonymous with fun in the sun, family camping trips, and long talks with your youngest daughter about how playground sand is not actually fairy dust, “so please don’t try to turn this new nanny into a unicorn. She’s very qualified and Mommy can’t pay for a third scratched cornea.”  And yet, [...]

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In Communities Across America, Measles Resurgence is Public Enemy #1

Editor’s Note: According to the latest figures by the CDC (April 19), 626 individual cases of measles have been confirmed in 22 states this year. Update #2, April 23, 2019:   In a press release yesterday, Public Health Officials confirmed five cases of measles in Los Angeles County. These mark the first time this preventable [...]

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