Halloween During Coronavirus

2020 marches on as the year of weird. In the fourth quarter of what will go down in the record books as one of the strangest years ever, you might be wondering what surprises are waiting in the wings. We don't have all the answers, but we can help you prepare for the next event, [...]

Halloween Fire Safety Can Keep Your Holiday From Becoming a Nightmare

It’s a scary time of the year in Southern California — not just because Halloween’s night of fright is less than a week away, but because fire season is bearing down upon us. Last year’s wildfires were the most destructive in California history, and officials fear this one could be even worse. In the past [...]

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What a Wonderful Fright: 13 Spooktacular Things To Do in the L.A. Area This October

Halloween is supposed to be a little bit grim and kind of scary, but there are ways to embrace the spirit of the holiday without taking on unnecessary risk. Luckily there are a number of events throughout the Los Angeles area this year that offer just that! Please note that not all are family friendly [...]

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The 13 Tricks to Treating Your Kiddo to a Safe Halloween

“Cogito ergo sum?” It's that time of the year again, parents:  when superheroes, and ghosts, and princesses (or ghost-princess-superheroes, thank you) all hit the town on their little feet, hot on the trail of one thing… self-actualization. Er, CANDY! Halloween is supposed to be a little bit spooky, and a lot a bit [...]

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Halloween Safety: How One Poor Choice Could Haunt You Forever

Halloween is supposed to a little spooky, but for a handful of unwitting families this year, a night of costumed innocence will turn into a nightmare from which they’ll never wake — the ghost of one poor decision haunting them for the rest of their lives. The scary truth is that children are twice as [...]

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Halloween Safety Tips: Home Edition

The spookiest time of year is in full-swing. Our previous blog highlighted safety tips for your Halloween events and outings, but this time we’d like to focus on safety tips for around the house. Decorating Pumpkins For many, going to the pumpkin patch and selecting that perfect pumpkin is the kick-off to the Halloween season. [...]

Review These Safety Tips for a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Halloween is right around the corner with adults and children alike excited as ever.  Free candy, dressing up in costumes, spooky parties - what more could you ask for? While Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday, most of us are familiar with the precautions we should take, especially with younger children in tow. It’s [...]

Going Trick or Treating? Practice Halloween Safety!

Halloween is an exciting time of the year for both children and parents, as it is a holiday that includes fun activities like dressing up, eating sugary goods, and trick-or-treating! While Halloween is a great tradition, it is important to take precaution to avoid injuries. Halloween night brings about trick-or-treating; where children stroll through near [...]