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Personal Injury Awards & Settlements

 Insurance companies will use every means at their disposal to avoid or to reduce their liability. That is why you need an experienced and aggressive attorney who has been down this road many times before, and who can pilot your case to a full settlement or verdict without delay.

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Wrongful Death Award

Howard Blau was the lead attorney involving a cross over, head on fatality collision that occurred on Highway 101 just north of Ventura.  Howard sued the driver of the northbound van that crossed over into the southbound lanes, his employer and the State of California/Cal Trans for failing to have a center median barrier in place.  After a long legal battle, the case eventually settled for more than $8,000,000.

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Pedestrian Injury Settlement

Howard represented a client that was struck by a car while walking across a street. The client suffered serious injury and was lucky enough to make a very good recovery. The case involved complex issues of law and fact including the specific nature of the injury caused by the accident. The case went into litigation and eventually settled on the day trial was to commence for several million dollars.

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Automobile Accident Settlement

Howard was hired by a client who was struck by an older pickup truck at 4:30 am.  His client suffered a knee injury that required surgery.  Howard was able to find the driver, but the driver claimed he was only covered by a $15,000 policy of insurance.  Howard filed a lawsuit and took that driver’s deposition. He still claimed, under oath, that his insurance policy maximum was $15,000.  Howard did not give up and after many months of investigation discovered that the driver was working at the time of the accident (delivering the Los Angeles Times) and got his client a $400,000 settlement.

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Truck Accident Award

Howard represented an 18 year old girl that was a passenger in a pick-up truck involved in a roll over collision that occurred on Pacific Coast Highway near Mugu Rock.  The insurance company for the other driver claimed that his client’s driver was at fault.  Howard found the body shop were the other driver’s car was being repaired.  He went to the body shop, talked with the owner and was able to obtain the fender of the other car for his forensic expert to examine and was able to prove how the accident happened.  He was able to settle his client’s case for $925,000.

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Dog Bite Injury

What initially was a single scrape wound to my clients leg turned into a much more significant injury known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or RSD. Initially, the involved insurance companies claimed that this type of injury could not be caused by a simple scratch. I filed a lawsuit, took about 20 depositions and the case resolved shortly before trial.

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Thumb Injury

My client was exiting a bank. When he attempted to open the swinging exit door by placing his hand on the door’s handle and pushing, his thumb was jammed because the door was locked. The bank denied that the door was locked, denied that the injury could have occurred as claimed and refused to offer a reasonable settlement. The case went to trial and the jury sided for my client awarding him $1,600,000.

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Pedestrian Accident

My client was walking across Hollywood Blvd when he was struck by a car operated by an employee of one of the studios. The insurance company claimed that my client was J walking and not watching traffic. The claim was denied. Once again, I filed a lawsuit, took a bunch of depositions and was able to prove that my client was actually crossing within the crosswalk and that it was the car driver that was negligent. My client received an award of $650,000.

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Bus Passenger Injury

My client was a 12 year old girl visiting Universal Studios with her family from Oregon. While the family was on one of the Universal buses, the driver drove to close to a fence causing my client’s right arm to impact the fence resulting in a significant scarring injury. Universal denied the claim, lawsuit gets filed, I go out and photograph and inspect the accident site and the bus, and I take depositions of the Universal driver and other employees. Universal then changed its tune and I obtained a significant confidential award for my minor client.

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Motorcycle Accident

My client, while riding a Yamaha was in Santa Paula on his way home from work. A van coming from the opposite direction made a sudden left turn directly into the path of my client causing the collision. The insurance company for the van operator claimed that my client was splitting traffic and speeding. I hired a forensic accident reconstruction engineer, filed a lawsuit, took multiple depositions including that of a key witness who disputed the insurance company’s attempt to blame my client for the accident. This case settled shortly before trial for full value.

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Slip and Fall Accident

My client slipped and fell on a wet floor at a restaurant in Channel Islands.  The insurance company for the restaurant claimed no liability and denied the claim.  My client suffered an injury known as Fibromyalgia.  Once again, I filed a lawsuit, took many depositions, and eventually resolved the case about a week  before trial. My client was awarded $650,000 for her injury.

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