How will the new laws affect Californians?

Starting the new year, Californians are also facing new changes in the law. According to the LA Times, the following law changes will affect Californians in the following ways:


  1. If your child is under the age of two, they must sit in a rear-facing car seat.
  2. If an individual is convicted of a DUI, they must install a device to ensure their sobriety before driving.
  3. Further restrictions on distracted driving have surfaced.
  4. Motorcycles will be subject to a new speed limit when driving between cars.
  5. Companies cannot hire drivers who are registered sex offenders, have a DUI (last seven years), or have been convicted of a violent felony.
  6. Drivers for companies cannot have a BAC of 0.04% of higher.
  7. Charter bus drivers will provide instructions to passengers on the usage of safety equipment and emergency exits.
  8. Bus drivers for school districts will need to improve bus driver training.


  1. There are now electric car rebates for those making $150,000 or less.
  2. New foreclosure protection for surviving spouses now exist.
  3. Homeowners can now build on their property (review the law).
  4. Lead-acid batteries will increase in cost.

Criminal Justice

  1. The state eliminated statutes of limitations for rape.
  2. Prison time is mandatory for those convicted of sexual assault (victim must be unconscious or unable to give consent due to intoxication).
  3. If a person is found with a “date-rape” drug they are eligible to receive felony charges.
  4. Sex offenders must give their email addresses, usernames, and other identifiers to police.
  5. It is more difficult for law enforcement to seize assets less than $40,000.
  6. The addresses of domestic violence victims cannot be published.
  7. There is now a ban on the drug “spice.”
  8. Children cannot be charged for prostitution; adults do not face the mandatory minimum sentences for prostitution.
  9. It’s illegal to hold information via software for ransom.
  10. Its legal for public schools to expel students for bullying through video or sexting.


  1. Minimum wage will increase to $10.50 at companies that have 26 or more employees.
  2. Employers are not allowed to pay women less than males based on prior salary.
  3. Employers cannot ask about a previous arrest, detention, or court case (if the incident occurred when the employee was under the age of 18).


  1. Semi-automatic rifles that have bullet button for the removal of ammunition magazine will no longer be sold; those in possession of this gun must register it.
  2. It’s now a misdemeanor to falsely report a firearm lost or stolen.
  3. California will create a uniform license for concealed weapon.
  4. Concealed-weapon permit holder is required to lock guns and place safe in trunk.

Everyday Life

  1. Single toilets must be designed for both genders.
  2. Smoking (or e-cig) must be 250 feet away from youth sporting events.


  1. Patients who attend in-network hospitals, lab, or clinics will not receive “surprise” charges.
  2. Businesses and public agencies can now carry medicine for emergency allergic reactions.
  3. Women are allowed to pick up an entire year of birth control (insurance must cover cost).
  4. Stricter laws are set to counter the spike in opioid overdose deaths.
  5. Californians can now try experimental drugs (not approved by FDA) if terminally ill.


  1. Californians are now allowed to save pets from trapped cars (only if they call authorities first).
  2. Kennels and pet hotels must check on animals once a day.
  3. Dogs rescued from dog fights will no longer be labeled as “dangerous.”
  4. Orca breeding is now illegal.


  1. Felons (county jails) can vote.
  2. Its legal for voters to take a “selfie” with their ballots.
  3. Voters can now give their completed ballot to someone to deliver.
  4. Public financing will now be available in more cities and counties

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