Honda Vehicles with Takata Airbags Are Recalled Once Again (2019 Update)

The newspapers rifled with nary a whisper when the recalls first began. By today’s figures, Honda’s initial recall of 4,000 Civics and Accords seems comparatively naive — hardly enough to move the scales of public concern. But it was also November 4, 2008 when the announcement was made, and we were all a little distracted [...]

Planning on Making Burgers This Weekend? This Latest Beef Recall Will Have You Thinking Twice.

Suffice it to say the meat industry has not been having the best six months. It all started to fall apart back in November when a staggering 12 million pounds of beef was yanked from shelves due to Salmonella concerns — which itself came on the heels of that massive E. coli-induced lettuce recall that [...]

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2018 Was the Worst Year for Pedestrian Deaths in Nearly Three Decades

In the years following 1990’s spike in pedestrian deaths, the researchers whose job it is to track them were relieved:  fatalities fell sharply, and continued to fall. That year, 6,482 people had lost their lives on the streets of America — not because they were behind the wheel themselves, but because they were at the [...]

$60,000 Grant Received By Ventura County Fire to be Used for Passenger Safety

With all the hubbub about snow in Los Angeles and Ventura County, you might almost think there could be no other things to talk about. It's incredible to think that just a few short months ago, the areas seeing flurries — Calabasas, Agoura Hills, and hills of Malibu — were the site of raging fires. [...]

February 2019 Product Recalls

We don’t like it when people get sick or injured, and neither does the government, so once a month we like to do a deep dive into the most recent product recalls and share with you the ones we think you should be aware of — especially when it comes to the safety of your [...]

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Recent Survey Shows the Worst States For Driving. Can You Guess Which Ones Top the List?

If your first instinct is to say California, you would not be far off the mark. While everyone complains about the disrepair of their state’s roads, ours in particular seem a special kind of terrible. Unless you’re a sucker for potholes, poor drainage, and an hour of nightly stop-and-go, Southern California roads are far from [...]

Massive Chicken Nugget Recall Pulls 120,000 lbs. Off Shelves

Usually when you say something tastes like rubber, or is as hard as a block of wood, it's not meant to be literal. On the heels of headline-making lettuce and beef recalls, January was the “Month of the Chicken Nugget.” Three major recalls involving Tyson and Perdue — two of the largest meat producers in [...]

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Self-Driving Cars Navigate Complex Ethical Obstacles, Spark Personal Injury Concerns

The concept of self-driving vehicles is nothing new. In fact, they've existed commercially in some form or another since 2003, when automatic parallel parking was first unveiled. Today, Cadillac’s recently released ‘Super Cruise’ allows drivers to go hands-free on select highway routes, and drivers of certain BMW's can let their car take over in the [...]

Lane-Splitting and You. (Yes, Even You.)

Ah, the law. It's what makes us get up in the morning. Even if you think a particular law doesn't apply to you — perhaps you never did have any plans to drive 2,000 or more sheep down Hollywood Boulevard (an actual law prohibits this, by the way) — it's nonetheless important that you understand [...]

Rain, Rain, Go Away. Don’t Come Back, This is LA.

Whether you’re in Los Angeles or Ventura County, there’s been no escaping it. Winter has come again to Southern California — in the form of lots and lots of rain. But much as we need it, a weeklong deluge comes with a particular set of difficulties. With the ground primed for failure in the wake [...]

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