Important Recall Alert: T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods Sold Recalled Products After Recalls Were Announced

We’ll be honest, we’ve never seen something like this before. Most recalls are for a single product, but this recall alert is for 19 (nineteen) separate products, each of which had their own alerts in the past — some of which we featured.  Most concerning are the Rocking Sleepers by Kids II, and other inclined [...]

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Latest Round of Takata Airbag Recalls Affects Oldest Vehicles Yet

There’s always a sense of exasperation that hangs in the air after each new mention Takata. Eleven years — that’s how long this recall has dragged on for. It’s almost a teenager. And Just when you start to think this rabbit hole of recalls could not go any deeper, your foot slips and you tumble [...]

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Thanksgiving Safety is Something to be Grateful For

There’s so much to be grateful for this year, as there is every year. For us at Howard Blau Law, one of the biggest things is safety. Yes, not the sort of answer you’d expect while going around the table,  but hear us out.  We’re grateful for safety because it got us here. It’s what [...]

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Lettuce (Not) Give Thanks: The E. coli Outbreak Disrupting Your Post-Turkey Day Salad Plans

With the exception of Bon Appétit’s Staff, few people are likely to consider salads an integral part of the Thanksgiving Meal. It’s not that salads aren’t lovely — they are. It’s just that lettuce has 364 other days of the year to shine — not only in salads, but as an accoutrement to the pride [...]

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Pet Safety Tips For a Happy Thanksgiving

Oh, November… where would we be without you? The turkey; the stuffing; the cat licking gravy off your toddler’s foot; the day of maxing out your credit card because nothing says I LOVE YOU, HAPPY HOLIDAYS like consumerism. Wait, sorry, we misspelled consumption. A turkey bone just fell on the floor. Your cat ate it. [...]

What California’s New AB 588 Dog Bite Bill Means For Adopters

Last month, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law a dog bite bill that in hindsight seems so common sense, you wonder why it wasn’t done years ago. On its face, it seems like a big win — the new law will allow animal lovers looking to give a shelter pooch a forever home the [...]

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Halloween Fire Safety Can Keep Your Holiday From Becoming a Nightmare

It’s a scary time of the year in Southern California — not just because Halloween’s night of fright is less than a week away, but because fire season is bearing down upon us. Last year’s wildfires were the most destructive in California history, and officials fear this one could be even worse. In the past [...]

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What a Wonderful Fright: 13 Spooktacular Things To Do in the L.A. Area This October

Halloween is supposed to be a little bit grim and kind of scary, but there are ways to embrace the spirit of the holiday without taking on unnecessary risk. Luckily there are a number of events throughout the Los Angeles area this year that offer just that! Please note that not all are family friendly [...]

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Ready, Set, Go: Prepare for a Wildfire With These Tips From Cal Fire

The Saddleridge fire appears to have sparked at the base transmission tower, say officials — though arson investigators at the scene don't want to say for certain. The fast-moving wildfire started only hours after SoCal Edison cut power to thousands of its Riverside County customers, for fear of this exact scenario. It's how last year's [...]

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How To Be Safe As A Passenger On The Back Of A Motorcycle

If riding a motorcycle is fun, then riding with a passenger has to be twice as fun. That’s how math works, right? Well, not quite. Having a passenger on your bike completely changes the dynamic of the ride, and can actually be pretty scary. The added (potentially doubled) weight of a second person affects everything [...]