Gearing Up: Head, Shoulders, Knees and… Eyes?

There’s a saying in sports:  leave it all on the playing field. The same should not be said for motorcycles and the road. If you want to protect you in a crash, avoid serious personal injury when you’re on the road, and keep all your body’s requisite components in their original configuration, you need to [...]

Gearing Up: Lessons on Protection from MotoGP Racers

At 209.9 mph, the human body might as well be Play-Doh. That's the thing about evolution, though:  we’re a bit ill-equipped to be run along the ground at speeds so fast they'd make a wedge of Roquefort appreciate a cheese grater. And yet when Marc Marquez, reigning two-time MotoGP world champion, crashed during a 2013 [...]

5 More Reasons You Should Take That Motorcycle Safety Course Today

We love motorcycles. We know, you might think that’s the most obvious statement in the world (just take one look at our Facebook page!), but we feel like we can’t say it enough. It’s not usual to find a personal injury lawyer who’s so passionate about motorcycling that it becomes the cornerstone of his career [...]

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10 Real World Reasons You Should Take That Motorcycle Safety Course Today

When’s the last time you took a motorcycle safety course? If you’re a brand new rider, we hope your answer is recently. If you’ve been riding for 40 years, we hope your answer is also recently. No matter what level of experience we’re at, we could all benefit from ongoing training. Think about it, even [...]

Back to School? Back to Back Pain. Is Your Student’s Backpack Too Heavy?

The smell of coffee wafts through the kitchen. You have a few spare minutes of calm before you need to wrangle the kiddos out of bed, stuff them into something resembling an outfit, and shoo them off to the bus stop with what you’ll later realize was your lunch instead of theirs. Guess we’re having [...]

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The Howard Blau Law Summer Safety Series: A Retrospective

Though summer won't officially be over until September 23, we’re only weeks away from the start of the school year. (Or, in the case of the poor children of Alhambra, only days away. YUCK!) The end of summer is both a sad and joyous time. On the one hand, you have freedom. But on the [...]

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The Howard Blau Law Summer Safety Series: Calling All Recalls

We don’t like it when people get sick or injured, especially when it’s summer. That’s when you’re supposed to be having fun! — not worrying about whether or not this or that product might be a hazard to you and your kids. Instead, we’ve done the worrying for you (with a bit of an assist [...]

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The Howard Blau Law Summer Safety Series: Hot Tips for Your Family, Part 2

The word summer is synonymous with fun in the sun, family camping trips, and long talks with your youngest daughter about how playground sand is not actually fairy dust, “so please don’t try to turn this new nanny into a unicorn. She’s very qualified and Mommy can’t pay for a third scratched cornea.”  And yet, [...]

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The Howard Blau Law Summer Safety Series #6: (Please Don’t) Just Keep Swimming

If there’s one topic we weren’t expecting to write about this week, it was fecal parasites — but some matters are just too important to ignore, and a disease lurking in the waters of summer’s most popular hangout spot — the swimming pool — is one of them. We’d had a different topic planned for [...]

The Howard Blau Law Summer Safety Series: As Temperatures Rise, So Do Hot Car Incidents

It can happen to anyone. Any parent. Any child. One momentary instance of forgetfulness becomes the thing that splits your life down the middle… the before, and the after. The brutal reckoning of despair after; the, interminable string of sleepless nights after, left with nothing but the company of tangled sheets and the screeching of [...]

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