After an exciting race last weekend in Canada, Formula 1 drivers and teams head out to Baku City, Azerbaijan for the European Grand Prix.

Leading Formula 1 drivers have questioned the safety of the street circuit that will host June 19th’s race. Nico Rosberg says parts of the track are “really not looking good.” The main area of concern for this new track is that is goes around the new and historic areas of the city. The circuit is expected to be the fastest circuit in Formula 1 history. Former world champion, Jenson Button says, “What I don’t like is a few corners. We worked so hard on safety, improving circuits all the time, and then we come here and Turn 3, Turn 7 and Turn 14 don’t have any run off at all.” The FIA is very good about adjusting circuits for the safety of their drivers. When there were complaints about the lack of run-off at the Monaco circuit, the issue was fixed. However, what makes Monaco different than Baku is that this is a high speed race.

Current Points Standings

  1. Nico Rosberg-116 Points
  2. Lewis Hamilton- 107 Points
  3. Sebastian Vettel- 78 Points
  4. Daniel Ricciardo- 72 Points
  5. Kimi Raikkonen-69 Points



I  hope that the FIA makes sure that this circuit is safe for the drivers. Besides the exciting fact that this is a high speed race, I am looking forward to the Rosberg Hamilton showdown. After Hamilton winning the last two races and now only 9 points away from being the new points leader, will he bring the fire into this weekend and go home with the win? Who do you think will win: Rosberg or Hamilton?