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Rain, Rain, Go Away. Don’t Come Back, This is LA.

Whether you’re in Los Angeles or Ventura County, there’s been no escaping it. Winter has come again to Southern California — in the form of lots and lots of rain. But much as we need it, a weeklong deluge comes with a particular set of difficulties. With the ground primed for failure in the wake [...]

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New Year? New Laws. Here Are Just a Few of the Laws Taking Effect in 2019

We love the law, and while some people might maintain that the law doesn't love them, we'd beg to differ. Every year a gaggle of new laws — all wide-eyed and and idealistic — go into effect. We thought we'd take a few words to get to know them a little better, especially the ones [...]

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The Gift of You: How to Stay Safe This Holiday Season, and the Next

As the last of the end of year holidays draws near, it's hard not to notice the chill in the air. Not because it's cold — this is Southern California, after all — but because with great sadness (or glee, depending on which camp you fall in), the sweet, timeless notes of Christmas muzak will [...]

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California Farm Issues New Produce Recalls in Bid to Prevent Yet Another E. Coli Outbreak

This time, it isn't the romaine. After already being linked to a different E. Coli O157:H7 outbreak, Santa Maria-based Adam Bros. Family Farms is recalling additional products “out of an abundance of caution.” Though there have been no reports of anyone falling ill, and none of the products themselves have tested positive for E.coli, the [...]

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Winter 2018 Product Recalls

We don’t like it when people get sick or injured, and neither does the government, so every few months we like to do a deep dive into the most recent product recalls and share with you the ones we think you should be aware of — especially when it comes to the safety of your [...]

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California is the Leading State for Dog Bites

They're called man’s best friend for a reason. For thousands of years, dogs have lived alongside humans, providing companionship and protection. Dogs are now so much a part of our lives that we often forget where they came from — the wild. As much unconditional love as they might give us — and with 89.7 [...]

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Update: Rain is on the Way. Are You Prepared?

There are weeks where it feels like one thing after another. Just as the Woolsey Fire is snuffed out, we learn that rain is on the way — it’ll be here tonight. For most parts of the world, a downpour would seem like a good thing. For a state that’s still in the throes of [...]

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Pardon My Turkey-Day Chaos: A Quick Guide to a Safe Thanksgiving

Turkey Day is nearly upon us, and if you’re like our family here at Howard Blau Law, you’re no doubt looking forward to some quality time with your loved ones. There’s a lot to be grateful for this year, and a lot to reflect upon as well -- and considering the events of the past [...]

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Following Devastating Wildfires, Ventura County Finds Community in Heartbreak

All eyes were on California last week — at first for the mass shootings, and then for the deadly wildfires that followed. It’s been six days of tragedy and heartache for residents at both ends of the state. First came the Camp Fire up north, which ignited shortly after dawn on November 8th some 20 [...]

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The 13 Tricks to Treating Your Kiddo to a Safe Halloween

“Cogito ergo sum?” It's that time of the year again, parents:  when superheroes, and ghosts, and princesses (or ghost-princess-superheroes, thank you) all hit the town on their little feet, hot on the trail of one thing… self-actualization. Er, CANDY! Halloween is supposed to be a little bit spooky, and a lot a bit [...]

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