Summer Pool Safety: Avoid Pool-Related Accidents

Did you know that drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death among young children ages 1-4

[A]? A fun summer day at the pool can bring upon unfortunate consequences if the necessary precautions are not taken.

Summer Pool Safety

Avoid pool-related accidents this summer:

  1. Teach your child to swim:

The ability to swim can save your child’s life. It is a necessary and lifesaving skill. Your child can enjoy fun swim lessons while learning how to stay afloat. Enroll your child in a community center or YMCA for affordable swim class options.

  1. Maintain active supervision:

Never leave children unattended in the pool area. Stay at a close distance to the pool area, be alert, and be ready to respond to any emergencies. Always have an alert adult on duty. It is also important to keep a mobile phone nearby in order to call for help if necessary.

  1. Enforce pool rules:

Make sure your child understands and follows safe pool behaviors and rules. These rules may include no running, no diving, using a buddy system, or staying away from drain covers. Running in the pool area can cause slips and lead to serious injuries.

  1. Install the necessary fences, alarms, and covers:

Having these barriers can be crucial, mostly with small children. Install a non-climbable fence that surrounds the pool or spa at all sides. Consider investing in necessary alarms to maintain close supervision over the pool area.

  1. Become CPR certified:

Pool-related accidents happen and we must have the proper training to respond to these emergencies. Most of the time, bystanders are the first responders to an aquatic-related accident and can save a drowning victim. CPR courses are offered at local community centers and hospitals, or from the American Red Cross.

Remember – if a child goes missing, search the swimming pool area first.

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