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Life is unpredictable. One careless act is all it takes to rip apart your life, leaving you unable to provide for yourself and your family, or enjoy the activities that have always made your life worth living. Even worse, is finding out insurance companies never had your best interest in mind to begin with… leaving you only with confusion, pain, and a mounting pile of bills. If you’ve found yourself with a serious personal injury, wrongful death case, or motorcycle accident, then you will need to bring on board an attorney with a practice focused on complex cases.

Howard Blau Law has handled serious personal injury matters in Ventura County and surrounding areas since 1980. Because we exclusively focus on complex and serious injury cases, such as motorcycle accidents, fractures, neurological injuries, and dog bite accidents, our expertise is widely respected by other law firms who turn to us for help when their clients face unfair treatment by insurance companies or need to aggressively pursue compensation from negligent people or companies.

Drop the Hassles. We’ll Carry You Through.

Why should you have to suffer and feel like a burden for something someone else did? Here’s how we can help you right now:

Medical Treatment

Expedite Your Medical Treatment

We get you the best medical care so you can focus on recovering, not making appointments. Were you just in a motorcycle or car accident? Our relationships with doctors and medical providers in Ventura County, Los Angeles, and the surrounding areas ensure you always receive the highest quality care.

Expenses Icon

Take Care of Your Expenses

We work on a contingency basis and advance your case’s expenses. If we don’t win, our services are free. We don’t require upfront retainers, our pricing is transparent, & reimbursement comes from the recovery we get for you.

Health Insurance Icon

Handle Your Insurance Claims

Whether it is a motorcycle accident, car accident or pedestrian incident, we work directly with the insurance companies to take care of your property damage and make sure your claim is taken seriously. After 35+ years of proven results, insurance companies know that we won’t settle for a penny less than full value for you.

Recovery Icon

Maximize Your Recovery

We aggressively pursue the maximum compensation on your behalf, in or out of the courtroom and without delay, helping you recover medical bills, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Negligent Icon

Hold the Negligent Accountable

We stand beside you and do everything possible to make things right. While we may not be able to give you back your loved one or return your previous level of health, we will hold wrongdoers accountable to get you the full justice you’re entitled to.

Personal Support Icon

Get Personal Support

We limit our workload to fully dedicate our team to the specific demands of your individual case – no matter how big or small. Your needs are important and we guarantee to give you the full attention, commitment, time and resources you deserve.

“For the past 35 years, our strong team of experienced legal professionals has been dedicated to our clients’ best interests with honesty, compassion and integrity.”

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Take the Pressure Off of Dealing with Unfair Insurance Companies and Large Corporations

“One day I woke up in the hospital without any recollection of what had happened. I was told that I had been in a bad motorcycle accident and had been in coma for a week. I was scared, alone, in pain, and I had no idea what to do. I found Howard Blau on the internet. I called his office and he immediately got on the phone. We discussed my accident, my injuries and my fears. We set up an appointment and he took my case. From that moment forward, he explained everything to me as he very aggressively represented me against the other driver and her insurance company. Howard resolved my case by recovering the other driver’s maximum insurance policy limit. He also negotiated my most significant medical bills down to only a few hundred dollars. I was very lucky to have Howard as my attorney.”
Ivan G. , Los Angeles

Howard Blau Law Specializes in Complex and Serious Personal Injury Cases

If you don’t see the category  for your type of case listed, call us at 805.644.2112 or 818.888.0303 for free  to discuss how we can help.

Motorcycle Accidents Howard Blau

Motorcycle Accidents

Our extensive first-hand knowledge of motorcycle operation and 35+ years of representing clients who have been in motorcycle accidents ensure that we are qualified to obtain the maximum possible recovery.

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Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident, it may not be clear how to go about receiving the compensation you deserve. Howard can help.

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Truck/Bus Accidents

Commercial truck and bus accidents can be a lot more complicated than standard car accidents. Howard has the expertise to navigate your case.

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Dog Bite Accidents

Dog Bite Injury

Over 1,000 Americans are treated for dog bite injuries in hospitals every day. If you’ve been bitten, call Howard Blau to help you get compensated.

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Auto Accident Attorney

Auto Accidents

Car accidents are always traumatic, but if you’ve been injured in an auto accident, it can feel even harder to get back on your feet. Let Howard help your case.

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Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury

If you’ve been hurt due to another person’s potential negligence, a personal injury attorney like Howard Blau Law can help to represent your case at the appropriate level.

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Spinal Injury and Fracture

Spinal Cord & Fracture

A spinal cord injury can be one of the most excruciating and debilitating of injuries. Give us a call to find out how we can help with your injury.

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Wrongful Death Attorney

Wrongful Death

If your loved one has died in an accident, you may not know where to turn. Our compassionate team will ensure all negligent parties are held responsible.
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“Attorney Howard Blau is an example of what an attorney should be. His caring attitude, professional capability and sincerity exemplify desirable traits so seldom seen in the legal field. His genuine concern for the client coupled with his knowledge of the law add up to the best possible result for the situation. He understands and explains the important aspects of the case in a manner both professional and personable; you feel both at ease and well represented. I recommend him without hesitation for any legal problems and will continue to consult him for any future needs.”
Sam and Bert W., Thousand Oaks
“Best attorney around! I would not recommend anyone else to family or friends. He is honest, patient and understanding. He knows the law and helps you to understand while recovering your losses at the highest value.”
Amy Y., Thousand Oaks
“I believe in you and your skills as an attorney. You and your team where there for me when I really needed someone to help. Thank you”
Karyn D., Thousand Oaks
“When I was seriously injured in an out-of state accident, I was overwhelmed by the aggression of some of the responsible parties and frustrated by the inaction of others, as well as confused by my options. Howard Blau patiently explained my legal situation to me and counseled me on my possible next steps. He was very direct and honest in telling me that he would be happy to represent me but that, in this case, I would be best served by attorneys operating in the state where the accident occurred. I remain impressed both by his expertise, his helpfulness and his putting my best interests above fees to be derived from a large settlement. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal services.”
Jeanette J. , Thousand Oaks
“In my dealings with attorney Howard Blau, I found him to be sincere, understanding and professional. Mr. Blau was very attentive and thorough in handling my slip and fall injury case. Through his investigation and aggressive representation he was able to find the proprietor at fault in causing my accident and subsequent injuries. The case resulted in a favorable settlement beyond my expectations. Should I have the need to retain Mr. Blau’s legal service in the future I would do so without hesitation. I highly recommend his law firm to anyone needing professional legal representation with a very personable attorney.”
Betty M., Thousand Oaks
“Mr. Blau gave me outstanding legal advice in my auto liability lawsuit. He calculated and conveyed to me in layman’s terms the importance of time, distance and speed in defending against an auto accident in which I was not at fault but was sued anyway. He reviewed the sequencing of the accident and educated and guided me in the legal process, from the deposition to the actual day in court. He was very knowledgeable and showed great patience during out meetings. The case was settled without any financial impact to my modest net worth. On the one hand, as much as I hope I never need to see a lawyer again, if I should require legal advice, Howard Blau would be the first person I would call. Members of my extended family as well as friends of mine have used his services in the past and every one of them has been 100% satisfied. Thanks.”
Jim O., Thousand Oaks
“Howard Blau is a real person…not one of the TV lawyers. TV lawyers make you think you’re the guilty party when in reality you’re the victim. I told Howard that I didn’t want to sue anybody… he told me you can file a claim and go from there. I had been bitten by a dog and was in considerable pain… he advised me every step along the healing process. I would recommend Howard Blau to anyone who has a legal problem.. not only is he awesome but his staff is as well. It’s been a year and we settled with the insurance company, and I feel thankful that Howard presented me so well.”
Barbara D., Ventura
“Mr. Blau is not only well qualified in many areas of the Law – he is a dedicated professional and works tirelessly on your behalf. His work ethic and integrity are commendable.”
Lesli D., Thousand Oaks

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